Summer Time!

Once again, I have let far too much time go by between postings. And once again, there has not been alot of stitching progress made, but it certainly has been an exciting few weeks. Shall I start with the news of the Pitt bull attack?

I was walking over to my neighbor's house two weeks ago to bring her something and as I walked up her walkway her very large dog, which I found out later is a Pitt bull-boxer mixed breed and belongs to her son who moved to Arizona three months ago, starting jumping and barking. Not realizing that he was dangerous, I kept walking. Then the dog jumped on the door and it opened, and this very large dog jumped out at me, knocked me down, and bit my arm! Considering that it was Pitt bull I think that I'm lucky that was all he got. The last thing I remember was the door opening and the next thing I remember was sitting on the lawn looking at my arm and just screaming because I knew I was hurt. Thank goodness neither of the kids were with me! From there I went to the emergency room for treatment. 36 hours after I left the emergency room I was sent straight back there by my primary care physician because my whole arm was infected. I spent five days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and some very powerful pain killers. The bit is healing nicely now and I have what is called a "crush injury". When the dog bit me he got the top of my arm and when he bit he crushed all of the muscles and tendons together that were within the bit area. I was told yesterday by a doctor that that could take weeks, or even months, to work itself out and that more I use my arm, the longer it's going to take. I'm ambidextrous, so while I don't to everything with my right arm, I do use it quite a bit for alot of things - like stitching! I can stitch for short periods of time and then it starts to ache a bit. Once again, I don't see alot of stitching in my future!

It's the start of summer vacation here and the kids are happily being lazy during their care free days. M graduated from elementary school and is ready to head off to the middle school in the fall. Z had a great year in kindergarten and is looking forward to first grade, along with the reading and beginning math that goes along with it.

So what else would a stitcher work on during the early days of summer? Why, a pumpkin and oak leaf design, of course!! My fall stitching is moving along slowly, but there is progress:

I am loving the color of this. It's called Sassy Brass by Crescent Colors.

I finished page 7 of the HAED at the end of May, but I just took a picture of it this morning to share with people. This is the whole first row of pages of the design, so this is as wide as the design is going to be:
I have the next page all ready to stitch, but I seem to be a big stitching slump and I haven't touched it since I finished the last page. Now it's hard to work on it because of the injury to my arm, but I'm hoping that soon I will get back my stitching mojo and start moving on all of these projects that are in my stitching bag. There is so much to work on.


Natasha said…
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Natasha said…
Okay reading this post I was cringing all the way up to the end OMG!! How terrible for you and your neighbor I am sure she feels terrible.

I hoe your arm heals super fast with no more infections!!!

As far as your stitching great start on the pumpkins, great color.
Take Care and rest that arm girl :)
Oh no, Pam!!! I am horrified. I hope they put the dog down. I'm sure the hospital reported it, yes? What if that had been a child or your face?? I hope you're feeling better, soon.

The stitching you have done is awesome.
Kathy said…
Pam, I am so very sorry to hear about the dog bite. :( You know I am a dog lover but the Pitbull is one breed I have never been comfortable with. I hope your arm heals quickly and you are stitching again soon. I also hope we will see you at sit and stitch this month. Take care.
Deb said…
Oh my goodness Pam - how absolutely horrible. I'm sorry that you are going through all this, but happy that it wasn't worse. Those dogs are so mean. I hope that the dog is going to be put down. Can you imagine if it was a child? It makes me shutter. Please go slow with it so it heals quickly.
Barb said…
Oh my, what a horrible story! You don't seem angry! Probably the dog was doing what he thought he was supposed to be doing, but what becomes of him now? I sure hope you heal quickly. I know you are dealing with Lyme disease, so to have this problem in addition is not good!
tkdquintmom said… Pam!!!! I feel awful for you! Here is for a quick recovery! You need a panda to hug you really do! If you need anything let me know ok? Ouchy!!!

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