Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch...

Fearing that they would become a UFO and live the rest of their days in the dark, Mickey and Minnie broke out of the stitching bag and insisted that they see the light of day.

When last we saw them they looked like this:

Pluto was a large blob of yellow at the bottom of the fabric.

After a few days of some love and attention:

Pluto still looks like a blob of yellow at the bottom of the fabric, but he also has an ear and a collar.

While I'm on the subject of Pluto, I just have to say something. I know that using several shades of color give the finished piece fo great look. The shading really brings out alot. But really? Eight shades of yellow? Do we really need that many?

I think that's why I left if to sit in the dark for so long. I took a look at Pluto's chart and said, "" But, knowing that there really is not that much more to stitch is really what brought it out of the stitching bag. I have to finish Pluto, stitch the fishing pole that is supposed to be laying next to him, and then it's on to the backstitching! I started this in February 2009. I think it's about time I finish it, don't you?

As I said I always keep small and easy pieces at the ready so that I can take them with me when I have to take the kids somewhere and wait for them. "Singing the Blues" by LHN was just what this stitcher needed:

I don't think that this little blue bird is really singin' the blues, but he is quite cute. I picked it up from Lazy Daisy Thursday night when I went to sit and stitch.
Sit and stitch night at the Lazy Daisy is my favorite night of the month. Some of the ladies that I have met there are so incredibly funny. It's amazing that we manage to get any stitching done at all! I'm not sure what the best part of going is. The fun that we have, or the enabling that goes on there!


I totally agree, how do we get to our stitching when we are having so much fun just being together. Must just be that amazing ability of multi tasking. Glad you had a nice time out as the Lazy Daisy. Pluto will pop with that last shade of yellow...
Be always in stitches.

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