HAED Update

I know that alot of people make stitching resolutions at the beginning of each year. I always say that I don't do that, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really do make them. This year the resolution is to make some genuine progress on the HAED. I finished page 3 last Sunday and have gotten almost half way through page 4. This is the picture taken earlier this week:

My little black and white friend is starting to look pretty good, I think!! As I said, I'm about half way through the next page, but it's a slow go. I feel like it takes sooooo long to make any noticeable progress. I'm not sure if it's because at the moment I'm stitching a large section of sky that is nothing but blue, blue and more blue, or if it's because I'm stitching over 1. Either way, while I really do enjoy working on this piece, it only holds my attention for only so long, and then I'm looking for something else to work on.
Which leads me to another problem: I'M BORED!!!!! Who ever thought I would say that?? Seriously, I have two projects that I have kitted up in my stitching bag and are ready to go, but I just don't feel like working on them. I pulled all of my leaflets out of my stitching closet yesterday (BIG mistake!! More on that later,) and there was nothing that really called to me. Well, there was, but most of them were LHN charts that call for overdyed floss, none of which I happen to have in the house. Not quite sure what I am going to do about this. I will be at the LHN this week for sit and stitch, so I will have to take the charts with me so I can get all of the floss that I need.
Now, onto the stitching closet, a.k.a The Big Black Hole. Whenever I don't know what to do with something, I toss it into the closet. If I'm having company and need to clean up my stitching area, I toss everything into the stitching closet. As you can imagine, the closet is a MESS!! So, yesterday while I was searching in vain for something to work on, I decided that I needed to clean up the closet. This probably would have been a great idea had I not started it about 10 minutes before I had to get M and Z off of the school bus!! What can I say?? Timing was never my strong point!! After the kids got home from school I did eventually get some things put away and the closet straightened out a little bit. At some point I really have to pull everything out of there and really give it a good sorting. The thought of actually doing it just overwhelms me!
Have a good weekend!


Suzanne said…
Pam, the panda is looking good!

You HAVE to see ths!


It's too cute!!!
Nice work on the HAED and as for the closet, silly girl, if you can close the door slowly you haven't got enough in there and if it is in order, well then for that I am speachless.
Be always in stitches.
Elaine said…
The panda looks great, look forward to seeing up-dates.
You need to get back in that closet I'm sure there is something in there I need...lol!
stitchinfiend said…
I love your Panda and hey are we twins. I do that with my closet and it also need cleaning big time. I had a friend over Friday night and her and her husband love crafts and I actually had to open the closet to show them something......this week I WILL tidy it up.....maybe
tkdquintmom said…
I see a little panda peeking his way out! It's turning out fantastic! I'm with you on the HEAD though...I think getting past page 1 was a BIG thing for me. Now I feel like I'm zooming through, even though I'm not..lol

and...I'm bored too!...I do get into those ruts and I'm hoping I'll snap out of it soon.
Melanie said…
I haven't checked your blog for a little while (sorry), and wow, I was surprised to see how far you've gotten on your panda! It looks so sweet!

I hear ya about the closet. My entire apartment looks like your closet! My stash and I outgrew this place years ago - *sigh*.

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