New Stash Acquisitions

I am incredibly lucky to have many generous people in my life. Yesterday I went out to get the mail from the mail box and sitting on my porch was a package from my cousin and his family. Unfortunately, they were unable to come down last weekend for my birthday party because one of the kids got sick (haven't we all had that happen to us at one point or another?), so my cousin's wife mailed my gift to me. Sarah is a very crafty person in her own right and she is an excellent quilter. I opened the package to find this:

A box full of stitching stuff!! Two leaflets, two kits, a cool not pad, and a needle minder with my initial on it. She lives near a needlework shop and she told me that the man in the store helped her pick out the stuff for me. Honestly, it was one of the most thoughtful presents I think I have ever gotten! Now really, who wouldn't like getting something like that in the mail?
This weekend Lazy Daisy is having a Superbowl Sale. I was supposed to ride in there with some friends this afternoon to pick some stuff up with the birthday money and gift certificate that I had. As I said in my last post, the problem was that the weatherman was predicting a large snow storm coming our way to arrive Friday night into Saturday. What was a girl to do? Change her plans!! My friend and I went in last night instead. Needless to say, I completely blew thought my birthday money. That didn't last long, did it?
Little House Needleworks is doing an ornament a month and Diana puts one aside for me each month. These are the two that I picked up:
I think my favorite thing to do, other than stitch, is read. I love getting lost in a good book. This says "An open book is a window to the world" and when my friend pointed it out to me I had to have it, plus the fabric and the threads to go with it. If I'm going to buy it, I might as well buy everything that goes with it, right?

Anyone know that song by The Who that goes, "Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?" Well, when my kids were little I changed the words to say "Who loves you?" To this day I always say to them, "Who loves you?" and they always answer, "You, mom." When I saw this little tuck pillow at the shop I just fell in love with it.

I want to make one for each of the boys, so I was hoping to be able to buy a second tuck pillow, but Diana told me that the designer won't sell just the tuck. So, I think what I am going to do is make one fore the tuck pillow and stitch a second one and make it into a pillow.
I picked this up a few weeks ago, but forgot to post it. Again, it's an LHN called Necessities Sampler. Is anyone seeing an LHN pattern here?

And the latest addition to the chocolate wall is back!

I am really happy with the way this turned out. I think that the charms make the piece.
As I type this, I am listening to my husband and the kids playing "monster" upstairs. The big kid (that would be the husband) jumps out and makes monster sounds and the little kids pretend to shoot him. I love that sound, especially when they laugh.


Elaine said…
Oh Pam I want to come to your house and play with all that gorgeous new stash, you lucky girl.
That pine mountain pillow is sooo cute and your Chocolate finish is yummy!
Happy Stitching.
Gotta love belated birthday presents (you get to celebrate all over again).
Gabi said…
Beautiful new stash. Why don't you make a tuck pillow yourself to have it twice in a tuck pillow? There are couple of finishing links. If you don't have a sewing machine, just give a shout, and I'll help you.
Love your finishes as well.
stitchinfiend said…
Wow you did go to town with your stash shopping. Have fun with it all.
Anonymous said…
There's no better feeling than receiving surprise stash! Looks like you enjoyed the superbowl sale too lol. Enjoy your new stash.
Melanie said…
Wow, what a nice birthday gift from your cousins! And shopping with b'day money is great, too! (Ya picked out some cool stash!)
tkdquintmom said…
haha you're funny because I just put the finishing touches on my Who pillow this past week! rotf...I joined the automatic 'club' for these pillows this year and I swear it is about the only thing I am finding I'm getting done! :) Happy b. day...LOVE the cake :)
doris said…
What? You blew through your birthday money? What else is birthday money for???

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