Not Having My Car IS No Fun

I am the proud owner of 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had a Grand Cherokee before this one that I loved, so when that one was totaled in an accident in February, 2010 it only made sense that I look at a new one. On Saturday my beloved car stopped running. I was running some errands and it started to run really badly, so I turned around and came home and I had it towed to the dealership. It's Tuesday as I write this and I am STILL waiting for them to look at it!! Oh, and the dealership tells me that they have no loaner cars available. Can you imagine how much fun I'm having being stuck home with two boys during summer vacation? Sit and stitch is this Thursday at the Lazy Daisy and I need to go!!

The result of me being stuck home is that I've been doing things that I have been trying to avoid, but now have no excuse not to do. I promised M that we would make brownies after lunch and I have cinnamon almond bread in the bread machine. At least I managed a little domesticity!

And stitching. I've managed some stitching. Quilt square number four is almost done:

My father-in-law's favorite Disney character, Donald!! Quack! Only two more squares after this one, and then I can put them away until the person I am making them for actually announces that she is expecting. I know, I know. I jumped the gun a little. Okay, I jumped the gun alot, but I figured that it was better to be start them and get them done early rather than have to rush to finish them in time for a baby shower.

The light at the end of tunnel is getting brighter and brighter in terms of the Nativity table runner. Again, at least it will be done early enough so that I can actually use it for this coming Christmas.

I have to finish the border, the wording, and the stars on the last page, and then it will be ready for finishing and my Christmas table.


Gabi said…
What a bummer with the car. Would drive me nuts too.
Your stitching is beautiful as ever. :)
Kathy said…
Oh no! I hope that by tomorrow they have the car fixed so you can come to sit and stitch.

Love your table runner. That is just stunning. Bring to S&S so we can all admire it in person. :)

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