Lots Of Finishing Going On

I'm like alot of stitchers out there. I stitch on project after project. There is a never ending supply of things for me to work on. But, I have heard from alot of stitchers who say that their finished pieces end up in a big Rubbermaid tub or something like that, waiting to be framed or finished in some way. That is where I differ. I can't finish stitching something, and then just store it away until I decide what to do with it. There has been alot of finishing going on here lately, so if your ready for yet another picture heavy post, please follow me and read on!!

I finished stitching and beading the Halloween quadrielle with two days to go until the finishing class at the Lazy Daisy. Of all of the people who were at the class, I would say that roughly half of them were still stitching it while they were at the finishing class. I got it put together with the help of the staff at the Daisy, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be!!

The view of the cat side of the project:

And from the pumpkin side:

I had to hang it up high, or else Tiger the Wonder Kitty would just love to get his little paws on all those ribbons and munch on them for a tasty snack.

The Minnie Mouse square for the baby quilt is done:

She was supposed to be bordered in this garish orange, and it just looked weird. I didn't like it at all, so I picked a pretty lavender that I thought would go nicely. It came out much nicer.

This afternoon I was rooting around in my stash closet and I remembered that I still had to finished the Mickey and Minnie ornaments that I made, so I grabbed the supplies for those and plopped myself down in the middle of the floor in my den and tried to figure out how to finish these off.

I had a rough idea what I wanted them to look like, but getting what I wanted actually out of my head is a totally different thing. They are actually not that far off from what I was thinking of.

The best finish of the last few few weeks was one that I didn't even actually do the finishing on! My Nativity table runner came home to me!

I sent it off to Sarah, my cousin's wife, to do the finishing work on this one. I could probably have done it myself, but not nearly as good as Sarah could, and I wanted this future family heirloom done right! I am so thrilled with it! She did a fantastic job on and it I can't wait to have it grace my Christmas table this year!

And, along the way, I created a new stitcher. Sarah became intrigued with stitching after seeing my table runner, and she called me for advice. She went to the craft store and bought herself one of those small Christmas ornament kits. She got it done in a couple of nights, and has already made a trip to the LNS that she has in her area.

Bwaaaahahahahahaha!!!! My evil plan of populating the world with stitchers is coming together!!


sharine said…
Your ornaments look lovely!
Maggie said…
Great stitching!

I agree, when i finish stitching something it has to be finished finished, not stored away.
Sarah said…
Haha...yep...starting my snowman thing tonight. Anthony is not too happy with you right now! Especially since a few days after I bought supplies for that one, I got a box from "Everything Cross Stitch"...heeheehee

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