More Than Just Intervention

If you have gone back to look at some of my older posts you will see that I am not a "one project at a time" kind of girl.  I used to be.  Then I met some other stitchers and their influence was pretty strong.  I'm not, however, the kind of person who can have hundred of projects started.  I have a stitching friend who is joining this group that will start a new project a day for 10 days.  I couldn't do that.  Too many projects started and I get seriously overwhelmed.

So, while Intervention has been taking up the bulk of my stitching time lately, I have been working on other projects here and there, as well.  Let's take a look!

As you can see, Intervention's borders are almost complete .   Now I get to pour through my book and pick motifs for each section of the piece.   Last night I had stitch night with my friend, and she and her husband thought it was a cool project to work on being that there really is no pattern.  We will see where it takes me,  but I'm liking what I'm doing with it more and more each time I take the hoop off and really give it a good, long look.   It that is not the only project I've got in my stitching bag!

Little House Needleworks has become a favorite designer over thelast several years.  In 2016 she put put a series of ABC Sampler houses.  I signed up immediately!  I was really good for the first month or two, getting each house done before the next one came out,  but that didn't last too long.  I've finished five of the houses...

and am working on house #6

Last on this weeks hit parade is Mickey Salutes America

This was a project I started in March, 2016 while my younger son, Z, was undergoing some rigorous testing for school.  I needed something new and fun to work on during the long testing sessions.  He's more than halfway finished, and he might just be getting some serious attention in the coming weeks. He's been calling to me from his project bag


Very cool "border" project! I look forward to seeing what motifs you add to each spot. I collected those LHN sampler designs. They are still waiting until I figure out the fabric I want to use. Mickey looks good.

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