Passion Reignited

Two friends and I have been working on the Little House ABC series.  As I said in my last post the OPQ square that I was working on is going to be scrapped and started again once I get new fabric and more floss for it.  The rest of the squares have not really seen much day light, partially because I wasn't sure what to do with them once I finished them all.  I thought about a wall hanging, but I wasn't loving the idea.  Then I thought about making them into little pillows, but I didn't really know how to display them.  While the project lagged I kept my eyes open for something that I liked.  Last night, while I was at work, I found it!!

There are nine pieces to the project, and I can display two on the top and the others in the little cubby holes.  When  Christmas rolls around I will put some of my Christmas ornaments in there to display for the season. 

Now that I have a place to put the finished pieces I started the next square in the series:

Please say hello to RST!  Hopefully I will use the right floss colors in the right places on this one, and remember how to stitch over two.  You would think after all these years of stitching I would be able to read the color key and know how to count.  Wish me luck!

Last, but not least, is progress on Tranquil Moments.  I love how the blue pops on the fabric!


I am glad you found something to inspire you to work on the LHN sampler blocks. I like the cubby you found. Nice progress on your WIP and good start on RST.

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