Pink Floss Comes In Handy

Each week Z's class focuses on a color of the week. They learn to spell that word, sound it out, and do class work that includes that particular color. On Friday each child is to bring in a secret object in a bag, stand in front of the class and describe what they brought and the other kids have to try to guess what the secret object is. So far, it's been easy finding something that Z has that is the color of the week. Blue week was a blue Power Ranger. Red week was a Lightning McQueen car. Brown week was a brown Matchbox car. Easy, right? The color of the week this week? PINK!! Now, if I was the mother of girls pink would be no problem. I'm sure we would have a My Little Pony, or something belonging to some type of doll that was pink, but the good Lord chose to blessed me with boys and, to the perfectly honest, this house is sorely lacking in pink. There really was not anything that he had that could be considered pink. This morning we were still trying to find something when I decided to check my craft closet, where there is a big bag to extra floss. I asked Z if he wanted to take pink floss and he could tell the kids that his mom used it for her sewing. So, Z went to school with his homework completed and my pink floss saved the day. See why having extra stash comes in handy? You never know when you might need something.

On the stitching front, I am starting to get ornamented out, I think. I finished stitching three more, and am almost done with another one. There are two more that I want to make and then I think that I will be finished with ornaments for this year. That would bring my grand total of ornaments made to 14, which for me is pretty impressive. I'm amazed that I've stuck with stitching them for so long.

Which leads to me a problem. I have two other projects in my bag, the HAED panda and the Mickey and Minnie, but I really don't feel like working in them right now. What is a stitcher to do? Start something else!! I'm not sure what I want to work on, so I think I will be taking a look through my stash to see what's there and what jumps out at me, or screams the loudest at me, begging to be worked on.

I also want to welcome the new followers that I have here. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here, and please feel free to leave comments. I love reading them.


doris said…
It's always fun to look through your stash. My sister and I call it "shopping at home", and we don't even feel like going to the LNS.

Good thinking about the pink floss.
Rowyn said…
Glad you had some pink floss to save the day!

Have fun rooting through your stash.
Kathy said…
What a cute story about your pink floss. :) I bet he got an A for originality.

I won't be at Lazy Daisy on Thursday. :( Rory and I will be at a dog show. :) So I'll see you next month.
Elaine said…
Glad your floss saved the day. Nothing nicer than fondling some stash...
Deb said…
There is nothing finer than playing with stash. Of course, then you get tempted by all the wonderful things that you have to do. Sometimes starting a new project gets you rejeuvenated for the older ones that you have.
LoriRay said…
Woo hoo, stash saved the day! Don't you agree that that means to go buy more? I mean, just in case. *hee hee*

A new start? You know how I love new starts! Let us know what you pick. Wish I could come roam your stash with you.

Great. Now I am thinking about a new start, too. Nooooooooo, I must be strong! ;-)
tkdquintmom said… that's a cute story. Especially if the teacher is secretly a vistor of your blog! LOL

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