So I'm Not The Sharpest Needle In The Needlecase

I've been happily working along on Home of A Needleworker for the last week and I made some good progress:

I have noticed, however, that my fabric seems to be a bit small and I could not, for the life of me, figure out how I screwed it up. I checked my calculations for the size of the finished design. I had measured the material three times before I cut it. That's a little OCD, I know, but I've saved myself from mistakes by checking just one last time. Where did I go wrong?

Then, last night while I was watching a James Bond marathon, it came to me. I know that I need to have three inches on each side to allow for framing for a total of an additional six inches for the lenght and six inches for the width. I was thinking three inches, not six. So, instead of adding six inches to the size of the fabric, I only added three, half as much as I needed. And as I was thinking about it, I realized that I had done the same thing to the blue fabric that I'm planning on using for the Hooked on Chocolate design that I kitted up last week. At least for that project I have not started it yet, and I have more of that fabric, so I will go back to see if I have enough of it to cut a larger piece.

As for the LHN, I'm going to finish it and see how much fabric I have on each side. I may have to sew some muslin to the edges to give the framers some extra fabric to work with.

I really need to remember SIX inches!


Anonymous said…
Sorry about your miscount Pam, but your stitching looks lovely. I have this design kitted up ready to start in the New Year
I love that design and you know when you purchase kits from most of the "kit people they only ever put the 3 inches extra, so muslin alway is an needed accessory when framing. Somewhat a pain to the person having to put that together but in the long run it has to be done. Can't wait to see it finished.
Be always in stitches
Carol said…
You can always turn it into a pillow or wallhanging rather than frame it, Pam. It is SO pretty!!
doris said…
Been there, done that! Really fun, huh? I know that when I added incorrectly, I felt like a dope. Just think about what you've learned!
tkdquintmom said…
Pam, you could always finish that LHN into a cube and you wouldn't need as much then to have it framed. It's is option that way you don't have to scrap it! It is turning out quite lovely...;)

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