Back In The Swing Of Things

It has been a while since I posted to my blog, but this week I finally got back into the swing of things around here. The stress of the accident and thinking of what could have been, well, to be perfectly honest, it threw me for a loop much worse that I ever thought it would. The whole first week we were back from vacation I laid on the couch and basically did nothing. The stress of everything that happened must have finally caught up with me because I wound up at the doctor's office with another sinus infection. It was hard to stitch for a few days because I felt pretty yucky, but that has passed and this past week I got myself up and moving, and I actually have things to show for it.

First thing is that we got a new car to replace the one that was totalled. I was sad to hear while I was on vacation that my 2002 Jeep, which I loved more that any car I ever owned, was no longer going to be part of my life. She was the best and I was sorry to hear that she had been totalled, but I picked up a shiny new blue 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. She is just like the old one, only shinier and with a few more bells and whistles, most of which I am still trying to figure out how to use. LOL!! M thinks the fact that this new car has a back up camera is the coolest thing that he has ever seen. I am just glad to have a car again.

In the stitching department I got Chocolate Box finished. Then I was trying to decide how to finish it. Since it was called Chocolate Box, I really wanted to somewho finish it as a box . Off to AC Moore I went to see what I could find. I bough this:

A simple pine box. After some sanding and staining, which took me longer than I thought it would, it looked like this:

When I showed it to MJ he said to me, "Who stained it?" When I told him that I had done it his reply was, "Wow! I'm surprised. You did a good job." That's my husband! The eternal support system! I love that man!!
Anyway, this is the general idea of what I want to end up with:

I have not attached the stitching to the box top yet as I want to go to the fabric store and see if I can find some cording in a pink color to add to the edges. I know that the stitching is not straight on the board. No matter how hard I try or how long I take to place it on the sticky board right, it never ends up straight. I must have crooked eyes! LOL!!

There is progress on the HAED to report as well. Woo hoo!! Page 4 is now history (only 65 more pages to go!) and part of page 5 is under way. I see lots of blues in my future!

There are two other projects that I started that I forgot to take pictures of. Hopefully I will get to that this week and get them up on the web for everyone to see. Now that Chocolate Box is completed I needed another small project to work on. These blues are going to drive me batty!


Hi Pam, I am glad you are back at it and that you like the new wheels and camera. lol Your chocolate box looks scrumptious and you sure have stitched a good amount on the HAED. Welcome back and
Be always in stitches.
Elaine said…
Hugs Pam, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Great job on that box, it is going to be a beautiful finish with your choccies on top.
Carol said…
Happy to hear that you're feeling better, Pam and that you have a lovely new jeep. Your chocolate box is great... Good luck with your panda piece :)
Great job on the box, Pam and that HAED design is looking great. Only 65 pages to go? You'll be done in no time!
Kathy said…
I love your Chocolate box finish!

I missed your last posting and am so sorry to hear about your car accident. TG everyone is okay. A car is a car. Glad to hear that you have a new one already.

Lovely progress on your Panda.

See you next week.
doris said…
Pam, I haven't visited your blog for a while, so I didn't know about your accident. Thank goodness all of you are ok. Maybe instead of thinking of how bad things could have been, you could think of your good fortune (or whatever you might call it) as motivation to enjoy everything more. We all have much more than we realize.

Nice box! That'll be a very cute project.

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