I Won Something!

I won a giveaway!! This is a rarity for me, so you can understand my excitement when I shout from the rooftops that I won something! Kathy (http://kathystitchcomments.blogspot.com/) was doing a giveaway on her blog to celebrate the birthday of her puppy, Rory, and the prize was a gift certificate to your favorite ONS. I entered, thinking that so many people had already entered that there was no way I was going to win. Then the other day MJ was on the computer and he saw an e-mail titled "You Won Second Prize" and he says to me, "You don't know this sender, right?" He wanted to delete it thinking it was junk e-mail. I asked him to open it and when I started reading it I was stunned to see that I actually won something. A $15 gift certificate to Lazy Daisy! Now that was a great way to start the week, don't you think? Thank you, Kathy!! Sit and stich is next week and I'm sure I will find something to spend it on!

I realize that two posts within one week s rare for me, but there were things that I wanted to show off. When MJ and I were in Williamsburg, VA and we went to Haus Tirol I bought this fabric to do this piece on. The fabric us Dried Thyme and the piece is called "Love" by Turquoise Designs (I think that the name of designer, anyway):

My love affair with Little House Needleworks continues!! This one shows off my two loves, other than stitching: books and music. I would never have gotten though high school without books and music!

I am trying very hard to pass my love of reading on to M, but as of yet, he does not seem to share my enthusiasm. I have found a couple of books that I've read, and then gave to him, thinking that he would like them, too, and he usually does. He just does not find reading the enjoyable pass time that I do. I'm working on him, though. I have not given up!

Chocolate Box is finished! Instead of going with a pink cording to go around the stitched piece I chose a pretty chocolaty brown. The pink was just way too overpowering. When I looked at it, all I saw was pink and I put it back. The brown works much better:

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use the box for, but I was really happy with the outcome. This was something that I had never tried before, and while it's not perfect, I think that it came out pretty good. I love to find new ways to finish stitching. I know that framing some things is just the way to go, but I love when inspiration grips me and I come up with something else.
What other finishing do you do? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Like I said, I'm always looking for something new and exciting!


Congratulations on your winning. How nice it is to win from time to time.
Be always in stitches.
Kathy said…
You ar very welcome.

I love how you finishe the box. Beautiful. And I love your new LHN start.

See you Thursday.
Elaine said…
Congratulations on your win Pam. Love your new starts and your box finish is beautiful.
Sarah said…
Love how the box came out! You should use it for a secret stash of chocolate. :)
Congratulations on your win, Pam! How fun to get to spend a little free money! Your box turned out great and I think the brown trim really is perfect! I'm not a great finisher so I frame most of my stuff... pitiful!

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