Moving Right Along

Happy Monday, everyone! Here on Long Island it's a beautiful start to the week, after a weekend of beautiful weather. Both of the boys has little league games that were a pleasure to go to. We've had some cool weather here and some of the games have been so cold to sit through, but not this past weekend.

Saturday afternoon M and Z asked if they could get ice cream from the ice cream man. They had been good and were playing together really nicely (for a change!) so I told them yes they could, but they had to pay for it. They even said that they would buy ice cream for MJ and myself, which I thought was sweet. I never turn down ice cream! Anyway, all of a sudden the two of them are fighting with each other about who would pay for the ice cream, but not in the way that you would think. This was what I heard:

M: I'll pay for the ice cream.
Z: No! You paid last time! It's my turn to pay!
M: No, Z! YOU paid last time. I'm paying!

Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing listening to them argue about spending their own money to buy the family one ice cream. Does anyone else think this is funny? Finally, I suggested to them that they compromise and each pay half of the cost of the ice cream. They must have found that to be an acceptable compromise because that seemed to put an end to the bickering and everyone got something cool and creamy to eat. Yum! Ice cream! That is definitely one of my major weaknesses.

I go back to the doctor's for more blood work in relation to the Lyme's Disease diagnosis in the next few weeks. I am definitely feeling better. Because it was found early I had a mild case of it, but it was still causing me all kinds of problems. I'm not sure how people who have more severe cases cope with it. Anyway, since I have been feeling better, the pandas started calling me from the stitching bag. They must have sensed that I'm better and they didn't want to be ignored any longer.

I think I'm on page 6 right now, and page 7 is the last page in the row. Once page 7 is done I will have an idea of how wide the design area will be. It's coming along, though, but it's a slow go. This is one of those projects that I think will be with me for years to come. Anyone out there finish a HAED? How long did it take?

I started working on Pumpkin and Oak Leaves. The pumpkin part is done. Now I am moving on to the oak leaf border.

I got good news from Lazy Daisy last week! The fabric for the Christmas table runner was in, along with the additional skeins of Swamp Water floss that I ordered! You know I just had to say the name of that floss color again, right? Swamp Water! I was excited that the fabric was in because that meant that I had another new piece of linen to bring home and tea dye. I like this piece of fabric better than the first one because I like when dyed fabric has that marbley look to it and the first piece did not have that. It was a pretty color, but it was solid. Like I said, nice, but not really what I was looking for. I'm not sure if it comes through in this picture, but when you see it in person you can see that marbley look that I like so much.

We have Music and Books back from the framers! I picked it up when I went to Lazy Daisy. I told MJ that we needed to hang it up this past weekend and his reaction to me was, "We're running out of room to hang stuff. You're going to have to start taking things down." Umm...I don't think so!

Last night MJ and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 13th anniversary. Since our anniversary fell on Mother's Day we didn't get a chance to go out last weekend. We went to see "Robin Hood" and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. The food was good, but the desserts!! YUM!!


Deb said…
Your Pandas is going to be an incredible piece when it's finished!

I had to laugh about the arguing about the ice cream. My kids did that too. They wanted to do something nice for everyone and then they would argue about who did it! Brings back memories.
wow the pandas are growing. How funny to hear of the kids spat. What a nice change to hear of kids thinking of others rather than themselves. Congrats to you and MJ for this achievement. Hope it continues later in their lives.
Be always in stitches.
Kathy said…
Love the frame on Music and Books. It looks fabulous.

I can't wait to see that fabric in person. I hope you bring it with you tomorrow. :)

And a belated Happy Anniversay!

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