It's been a while. With two boys playing little league this spring there are days when I'm really not sure if I'm coming or going. Between practices and games it's been very busy here. Tonight both boys have games at the same time at fields on opposite ends of the school district. Thank God I have in-laws who like me, love my boys, and are more than willing to lend a hand when my choice is either figure out how to use a time turner like Hermione Granger got to use in one of the Harry Potter books, or split myself in half. Needless to say, my stitching time this spring has been cut, but I am making progress.

Mickey and Minnie now both have shoes and a completed bench to sit on:

Can you guess what, or more accurately who, the yellow blob on the bottom is supposed to be? Anyone? It's Mickey's best friend, Pluto! Actually, in the picture of the finished project Pluto is looking a little put out that Mickey is spending his time in the sun with Minnie rather than fishing with him, but it's a dog's life, right?

With all of this running around that I've been doing I find it hard to believe that I've been feeling startitis coming on again. I want to start something small, with one color, that I can take with me and is easy to work on when the kids have practice. Looking through my stash I found this:

Harvest Blessings by Waxing Moon Designs. Actually, Harvest Blessings is the name of the leaflet. The design is called Pumpkin and Oak. Remember that 32 count evenweave that I lovingly tea dyed for that table runner, only to realize later that it was not big enough? I knew it would come in handy!! I'm using that fabric with Sassy Brass floss by Crescent Colors. I think they just shout "Fall!!" Fall? We haven't even started summer yet. Heck, we've barely had spring weather, but I'm working on on a project for the fall. At least I won't feel rushed when October rolls around!


Have fun with all the games Pam and with the one colour stitch.
Be always in stitches.
Elaine said…
Mickey and Minnie are looking great. Enjoy your new start!
Shell said…
Mickey and Minnie look so cute ,poor old Pluto

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