Stitching Again!

Has it been hot enough for you? I don't know how it's been in the rest of the world, but here on the east coast we've been having a bit of a heat wave. How hot has it been, you ask? Well, this afternoon MJ was putting together Z's new bicycle and he needed my help at one point, so I went out to give him a hand. It was so hot I think my fingernails were sweating! Now that's hot. As if the heat were not bad enough, the humidity is enough to make my hair curl, and I have straight hair that even the curling iron won't curl! LOL!! I know. I know. It's the summer, and it's supposed to be hot. But seriously, it's been brutal lately.

I am happy to be able to report that I seem to be climbing out of my stitching slump. Now I've been through slumps before. I think we all can honestly say that we have been thought them. This one was different for me. It lasted for a long time. Nearly two months, which for me is long. And it wasn't that I was just being lazy, or tired. I just had no interest in picking up my needle. But things seem to be looking up. I have a new start by Handblessings:

Welcome To The Home Of A Stitcher was a new start this past week. In trying to climb out of this slump I wanted to work on something that was fairly easy. So, the HAED will have to wait for a little while longer. I need instant gratification right now! After I started it I realized that I made a mistake almost immediately in the trees (I HATE when that happens), but by the time I found it I had already stitched things around it and decided that I would leave it rather than frog it out. I hate frogging!
Speaking of an easy stitch, Oak Leaf and Pumpkin is finished:

Didn't that come out so pretty? I just love the color. Perfect for a fall project! I'm not quite sure how to finish it, though. Anyone have any suggestions?
I think that my next start is going to be The Library by LHN. I have all of the overdyed floss for it all kitted up with the fabric that I bought, but I have to pull out the DMC floss that it needs and get that together. It's been sitting in my stitching bag for a while and I would like to get going on it. I wanted to start it earlier, but I was in the slump and pulling out the floss just seemed like way too much work because there is alot of floss that needs to be pulled. Now it seems to be more manageable.
Summer vacation is almost half way over for M and Z. Soon it will be time to start gathering school supplies together and getting them ready for the first day of school. M starts middle school in September. I don't know when he got to be old enough to start middle school, but somewhere along the line he got old enough! I can't believe it. I think that he's nervous about starting, but I know that he'll adjust to it well. It may take some getting used to, especially having different teachers for each subject, but he's always been a good student and I know that he will be able to do it.
I think that it's time to go lay down. All this humidity has given me a killer of a headache. So, I think that I will go and watch Sunday Night Baseball. Feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them!


I am so glad you are getting back at your stitching, what a great way to get back at it too, with instant gratification. It has been hot here too but I have never notice my fingernails sweating, to funny.
Be always in stitches.
doris said…
Holy cow, you've been having a time of it! I'm so sorry to hear all of your distressing happenings. Hope things are going much better now.

There are several people I've heard of lately who are having trouble with the stitching urge, so you aren't alone. That probably doesn't help much, but there it is.
Kathy said…
Yeah for stitching again!!! The pumpkin piece is really pretty. How about finishing it as a pillow ornament?

I love the Handblessings one. I have that one somewhere. :)

Hope all is going well with M. And that you headache is better.

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