When It Rains, It Pours

In my last post I told of the experience of being attacked by a Pitt bull. All in all, it's been a experience that I would prefer to forget. Today is the day that the dog in question is supposed to be shipped to his owner in Arizona. Did I mention that the dog's owner moved there three months ago and left his dog here in the care of this mother? I called the town to see if the dog would be put down, but apparently because the town has no other record of him biting anyone else (he has) and because he has not been labeled as a "dangerous animal", (which I think he is) there is nothing that they can or will do about it. I could start the proceedings to get the dog classified as dangerous, but by the time the proceedings were finished the dog would be long gone. So, the best that I can do is file a report with the town about the dog bite and hope that he never bites anyone after he gets to his owner in Arizona.

As I said, when it rains, it pours. While the latest leg of my journey through life has nothing to do with rain, there was ALOT of water involved. And all of it wound up in our finished basement when the cesspool over flowed. Can anyone say YUCK!!!!! There was water everywhere. It was so bad that we had to call in a restoration company to come and clean up the water and dry out the basement. Luckily, the damage was pretty much confined to the carpet and some of the toys that the kids had in the basement. So, after reviewing what my homeowners insurance would cover we decided that the best thing to do it pull back the wet carpeting to the points where is was not effected by the water, rip out the wet padding, clean the floor underneath the carpet and then clean the carpet itself. Then the restoration company left these two HUGE de-humidifiers and three fans to dry out the basement. They've been running for three days. I hope they come tomorrow to get them beause they had to unplug my washer to run their equipment and the laundry pile is starting to get pretty tall. Ugh! Talk about a mess. At least I had no stash down there! My sister asked me today how my summer was going. I told her that other than being attacked by a Pitt bull and my basement getting flooded, it's been a pretty quiet summer!

Stitching is still a slow go at this point. The crush injury to my arm is still very sore where the dog bit me, but I am starting to get my mojo back a little bit. I've managed to get a little bit of stitching done in the last two days, so I'm hoping that I will have some progress to show soon.

My lack of stitching desire has not effected my desire to buy new stash, however! Lazy Daisy Stitchery had it's 4th of July sale this past weekend and, being as I missed sit and stitch in June because I was in the hospital, I knew I had to go. The best thing I got was a piece by Lizzie Kate that says "All you need is love...and chocolate!" That is right up my chocolate loving alley!

Speaking of chocolate, since it's the summer what is the best thing to eat and keep cool? Why, ice cream of course! The kids decided that it was time to pull out the ice cream machine and make some of the good, home made stuff. They decided on chocolate crunchie chip. That would be chocolate ice cream, with chocolate crunchies and mini chocolate chips. The combination was M's idea and it is so good! Next Z wants to make vanilla with crunchies and maraschino cherries.

I hope that everyone who is being affected by this heat wave is staying cool. Stay inside with a nice cool drink and some stitching!


Hey Pam! I can't believe they're not putting that dog down. Shocked, really. How bad an injury does it have to be for a dog to be considered dangerous. I'm glad you're recovering. My mom was bit, and dragged by a big german shepherd years ago and she is afraid of big dogs to this day.

Our basement got some water last night and it always seems to come into my craft room - which is one of the reasons I ripped out the carpet and painted the floor.
Glad you got some stash purchasing in.

Keep healing and feeling better!
That dog would be history in Ontario, they are labeled as dangerous even prior to a bite, and must be muzzled. What a scary situation. We as in DD has a Doberman and we have a Sheppard so not many break-ins around here but they don't know that that silly Doby would lick them to death and the Sheppard would go home with them. Maybe a good thing but so far we have been lucky with no biting. Then they would be goners so if they know whats best for them they will bark and then descend. and they do. As for the arm healing, take the time needed so it heals properly and doesn't come back to haunt you in any way.
The stitching and stash will be there waiting.
Be always in stitches.
Sarah said…
Poor girl...you can't catch a break!! Sorry to hear about the basement. :( I find that chocolate makes everything better too!
Kathy said…
Hi Pam.

I am glad you are recovering from the bite. Keep on stitching. Consider it as part of your physical therapy. :)

I hope to see you this Thursday.
Shell said…
what a nightmare,hope you are feeling better.

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