The Holidays Are Coming!

It's been a busy two weeks here since I last posted, with lots to show. If you're ready for a picture heavy post, read on!!

For those of you who do not know it, I am a foodie. I like lots of different foods and I love to try new recipes. Now that you know this fact about me, I have to admit that I have an absolute favorite food. Ice cream!! I will by pass cookies, cakes, brownies, pretty much any other dessert in order to have some ice cream. Growing up there was always ice cream in the house, and when we were little going to Carvel or Baskin Robbins for a frozen treat was a big family outing. So, when I was browsing a stitching group that I belong to on Facebook and someone posted that she was working on a HAED called "Sundae Delight" I have to admit that I my interest was piqued. Sundae, with that spelling? That means ice cream!

Once I took one look, it was all over. I had to have it! It came in the mail the other day, but I will be strong and will not start it yet. I am thinking that I will wait until I get my holiday stitching done.

Speaking of holiday stitching, there seems to be alot of that going on around here lately. Shall we start with Halloween, since it's the closest?

The Halloween quadrielle that I started at the LNS almost two weeks ago is half way done.

I am enjoying this one alot, but I have a major complaint about it. It's a kit that uses DMC floss. Great, right?, not really. There are three shades of orange and three shades of green, all of which are only a shade or two apart from each other, and all of which had to be separated. There was no indication how many strands of each color we were supposed to have. To be honest, when we started the project at the shop we spent more time trying to separate the floss colors than we stitched that morning. This is the BIG reason I don't do alot of kits.

Once we got the flosses separated into the right colors (at least we think we did) the stitching has moved along pretty quickly and it's really a cute design. I can't wait to finish the stitching and put it together.

Anyone out there working on Christmas things? This seems to be the time of year that I start ornaments. I got very few done last year and I want to change that this year. So far, I seem to be off to a good start.

I saw these cute little candy cane ornaments in The Stitchery catalogue and I thought they were just what I wanted to work on this year.

I think that I am going to make one for M and one for Z and add their names to it so they each have their own candy cane from Mom. Yes, this was a kit, but at least it was easy to separate the floss colors!

Last year I bought all of the LHN ornaments that they put out. And did I stitch any? Well, I stitched two, but did nothing with them. So that left 10 sitting in my stash, doing absolutely nothing. I pulled out this little snowman to work on.

I got it almost done in a short amount of time. The Christmas tree needs some beads, but I don't have enough of them, so when I head out to the LNS tonight I will pick them up and get this one finished.

The Mickey Mouse ornament is finished! I just love it! Well, I love pretty much anything Mickey, so should we be surprised that I love this?

The red beads were actually supposed to be French knots, but, as we all know, French knots are just not my specialty, so I added the red beads. Much easier for me, and they add a little bit of something pretty to it. I bought adorable Disney Christmas fabric to finish it with, so once I start the Minnie ornament I will finish them both.

Yesterday I had to clear my whole day for the oil burner repair man. They gave me a window when the guy would be here to fix the burner: between 8 and 6! Really? The whole day is my window? So, since I had to plan to be home I decided to spend my time becoming reacquainted with my sewing machine.

Last year I managed to stitch these Christmas trees, but like the ornaments, I did nothing with them. When I was struggling last year these were good for me to stitch because they were one color and required very little deep thought. I had even bought the fabric to make the wall hanging, and it sat there on top of my sewing table, doing nothing. That changed yesterday.

I forgot how much I love using my sewing machine. It was nice to be reminded.


I totally agree on the kit topic however some now come separated and #'d which is a treat. Your Halloween orni is going to be spooktackular. I am towing with the idea of hopping behind my sewing machine to finish off some of the unfinished goodies in my pile too so thanks for the boost.
Have a great day Pam and remember
Be always in stitches.
sharine said…
your candy cane ornaments are going to be so cute!

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