September Is A Beautiful Month!

Well, for the most part it is, anyway. September brings the start of school. Both M and Z made it through the first week and now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of the new school year. M came home on the first day and told me that other kids said that his science teacher is supposed to be really mean, but he said to me that he didn't thing that she was. I told him, "It's only the first day of school. She hasn't had anything to get mean about yet!"

This morning my friend, Christine, and I went to Lazy Daisy for a class that the owner was running. The project is called a "quadrielle". I've seem them, but I've never done one before, mostly because I take one look at it and get intimidated about putting it together. When she offered the class we jumped in.

The one for the class is by The Sweetheart Tree and it's a Halloween quadrielle. We started working on the stitching in the shop today and we have to have the stitching finished by October 29, which is when we take it back to the shop for assembly. Whip stitch? How the heck to I do that?

This is the first square. It still needs backstitching and some beading. We'll have to see how this comes out. Maybe if someone walks me through it I will be able to do it successfully!

The HAEDs are never out of my mind for long, either. Sampler Letter is really starting to look like a P!

Page 15 of the pandas with lots more blues:

Think someday I might actually finish this?

Tomorrow is the 1oth anniversary of September 11. M has been talking about this in his social studies class and he came home the other day and asked me what I remember about that day. I told him, "Everything." I told him that he saw all of it unfold right along with me because I was not working on that day and we were together with lots of errands to run that day. I remember being in my car listening to ABC news being simulcast on the radio and a reporter telling Peter Jennings that the South Tower was gone and I remember him asking the reporter, "What do you mean it's gone? What happened?" I had a hair appointment that day, and I remember sitting in the hair dresser's chair when the North Tower fell. The man who cuts my hair was devastated because he had just lost his father and his father was one of the many electricians that did the wiring for the towers when they were being built. He felt like he was losing a piece of his father all over again.

I remember hearing that a plane crashed in the Pentagon and that a fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I could not comprehend what was happening to us. When my alarm went off the next morning I remember thinking to myself, "Maybe it was all a very bad dream," but as soon as I heard the DJ's on the radio talking I knew that it had not been a dream. It was real and we had alot of work ahead of us if we were going to get through it.

The people who attacked us that day had very dark souls. While they succeeded in bringing down the towers and in ending the lives of thousands of innocents on that day, I am proud to say that they did not crush us. Our spirit was bruised, but we are recovering. Today there are memorials to the deceased in the footprints of the fallen towers, and New York is building a new tower in lower Manhattan. It will be the tallest building in the United States when it's completed.

I am proud to be an American. No terrorist can ever take that away from me.


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