I Have Lots Of Obessions

I'm sure that I'm like alot of people out there that go through phases about things. I am like that with my nails. I've always been blessed with nice fingernails. Even when I was a teenager (many many moons ago!) I had nice nails. Now that I'm older with two kids, I go through phases about taking care of them. I can go for months without thinking twice about them, and then I can suddenly decide that I need to take care of them, almost obsessively. And I LOVE fun colors. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of reds, pinks, and peaches, and I love them, but then there are what I like to call the "my mother would turn over in her grave if she saw me wearing this polish" colors. I guess since I feel like I am a mother with two kids about the only adventure I get is a wild nail polish color! I bought this at Target the other day.

It's called Texture Polish and this one is made by Nicole by OPI. It's silver over a cobalt blue polish. It's really cool because when you put the silver on it goes on smooth, but as it dries it separates and gives that crackle effect. Last night I was not so sure about it, but I have to say that it's growing on me this morning. It's definitely different.

In my last post I was questioning whether or not I'm actually getting anything accomplished. I felt like I had too many things going at once to get anything done. Well, it turns out that I actually am getting things accomplished:

These are the initials for the treasure boxes for my nieces' birthdays:

J for Juliet:

R for Rebecca:

I think it actually took me longer to chart out the letters that it did to stitch then. Each one was finished in about two hours. I like those kinds of projects!!

You know how when you are so close to finishing something that it's all that you work on so that you can get it done? That was what I was doing this past week in an attempt to get Minnie Mouse finished.

Don't they make a cute couple?

Now I just have to finish them off. I bought Mickey Christmas fabric at Joanne Fabrics a while ago, so it's time to dig it out.

Now that I got these projects done and out of the way it's time to go back to the other things that I've started. The candy cane ornaments have to be worked on and the LHN ornament has to be worked on. So do the pandas and the sampler letter.

Soon I will also have to dig the quilt squares for the baby quilt back out. I found out last week that I am going to be an aunt again! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, John and Amy, have been working on adopting again from China (they have two biological boys and one daughter that was adopted from China in 2005) and called last week to let me know that they have been placed with a baby. They are still talking about names, but she is coming home to us in the next 6 to 8 months. I had actually started the quilt squares for my other sister-in-law, but there is no sign of a baby yet and Amy saw them and said that she really like them so, the ones that I have finished will go to John and Amy's new daughter (I can't really call her a "baby" because she's going to be two years old in January) and when my other sister-in-law is expecting I will re-do them for her.

I love happy endings!


Brenda said…
Your nails are cute and I like your Mickey ornaments as well. I really like your tree ornaments that you stitched last year, can you tell me the name of the designer? Thanks :)
Carolyn NC said…
Great stitching and I love the polish!

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