The Reason I Don't Buy Kits Anymore

Big news on the stitching front!  I finished one of my long time WIPs.

Cherry Hollow Farm Sampler by Stacy Nash.  This project right here explains perfectly why I don't buy kits anymore.  

Let's start at the beginning.  I saw this project at Lazy Daisy, my LNS, which has, unfortunately closed.  I had just gotten into a Sampler period and really liked this one, so I snapped it up.  It came with linen and Weeks floss.  What could go wrong?

When I went to start it I was planning in starting in the upper left corner.  Three inches in and three inches down, right?  Something didn't look right.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then I measured. The fabric was too small and only left a one inch border.  I needed new fabric.  Okay.  Of course the only fabric I really loved was expensive.  Are we surprised?  Isn't that always the way?

Then I was reading the instructions that came with the kit, and it stated that the model was stitched using one thread over two.  Ummmm...I didn't like that either.  I think that one thread over two doesn't really give good coverage.  After talking with the owner of Lazy Daisy we decided that since I was planning on using two strands I needed to get another skein of each color of Weeks that came with the kit to ensure that I didn't run out.  Fine.

The kit that cost me almost $30 for the initial purchase was now costing me another $40 in supplies!

I started it, with the new fabric and extra floss, which I did need, and I finally finished it last night.

Let this be a lesson to me: no more kits!


Meari said…
It looks great, though! Congrats on your finish.
Congratulations on your finish! I wish designers would provide a chart only option along with a kit option. Often times, I swap out kit fabric or opt for a bigger cut of fabric. Anyway, your finish is super.

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