A New Addition To My Collection

I'm not sure how it started, but over the years I have become a collector of scissors.  No, wait.  I take that back.  I actually do know how it started.  I had one pair of small embroidery scissors that my mom bought me when I first started stitching back when I was in college.  Then I was given another pair from a friend.  Then I started having more than one project going at a time, and I would keep a pair in the project bags so I could just grab a project and go when I was taking my stitching with me.  If I was going to have multiple projects I needed more than two pairs of scissors, right?  Then last year I bought my very first pair of Gingher scissors.  I was in heaven!!  I had finally gotten a pair of the really good ones.  While my collection isn't as big as other people's, I think it's quite nice, and quite colorful.

So when I was wandering the aisles of Michael's the other day what did I happen to see?  These lovelies.
Did I need them?  No, but I thought they were pretty, and they found their way home with me.

This year is the first Christmas in a long time that I made no new Christmas ornaments.  Since the year Z was born and I became a stay at home mom I have made ornaments for myself, as gifts, and as part of the several exchanges that I would participate in.  Upon our return from Hawaii I wanted to stitch something for Christmas, but not an ornament.  I wanted to stitch something with Mickey Mouse.  For days I searched for this book.

I knew I had it...somewhere.  But where?  I pulled the craft closet apart with no luck.  Then, after two days of searching when I was folding laundry, I remembered that it's not a leaflet.  It's a book!  And where are my books?  You guessed it!!  After days of looking I remembered that it was on the bookshelf with my other books.

It's hard to see now, but it will eventually be Mickey and Minnie in a sleigh being pulled by Pluto.  It won't be finished for this Christmas, but maybe for next year.  At least I have a head start on my new holiday projects for next season!


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