A Date With My Little Man

I know that in many parts of the country school is already out for the year, but here on Long Island we have two weeks of school left. Obviously, the kids are ready for the beginning of summer and just trying to get them to pay attention can be pretty difficult. As this is M's first year in middle school it is also the first year that he has final exams his subjects to deal with. While he's looking forward to summer vacation, I think he wishes he could skip right to the vacation part without having to do the whole finals thing. However, he is a straight A student I have no doubt that the finals will be as easy for him as all of the other tests he taken this year.

For Z, today was one of the things that the kids look forward to all year: field day! They scheduled in on a half day, although why the kids need to have a half day of school this late in the school year is beyond me. Since he was going to be home, we made special mom and Z plans for the afternoon. We had an ice cream date. He got off the school bus, babbling a mile a minute about how much fun field day was, ate lunch, and then we went to get an icy, cool treat. When M starts finals next week he will have half days, so I promised him that I would take him for ice cream on one of his finals days, so I get to have another ice cream date, but I can't say that it will be with my "little" man. M is anything but little anymore, especially since he's almost as tall as me! Now that's scary!

After M got home from school this afternoon the house was quiet. I'm not sure why it was so quiet, but it was and I decided to take full advantage of the situation by working on the next square of the baby quilt:

Gawsh! It's Goofy!! I think I said that Donald Duck would be up next, but I went to Goofy instead. Considering that I only started it last night I got pretty far. That is the great thing about small pieces like this. The instant gratification of it. I can get a square done in a few days and feel like I got something accomplished.

I set a goal for myself today, and that was to finish the page of the Nativity table runner that I was on. I am very happy to report that I can say, "Mission accomplished!"

To be perfectly honest I only had a little bit of the top border left to do, so I knew my goal really could be reached with very little effort. The other night I went to visit a friend for a stitch night and at the end of the night I realized that I messed up the lettering on the top and had to rip some of them out. I hate frogging (don't we all?) but I suppose I should be glad that I realized after only two letters that they were not lining up correctly rather than stitching the rest of the letters on the page. Two is better than ten.

I managed to get a little work in on the pandas, too.

Not much, mostly because I wanted to work on the table runner. Now that my goal of finishing the table runner page has been met I think that my stitching plan will be to work on the quilt squares and the pandas for a while and see how far I can get.

It's a Friday night and that means baseball!! The Yankees, fresh from getting swept by the Boston Red Sox, are trying to light a fire under themselves against the Cleveland Indians. I think something got lit because both of the benched just cleared after Mark Teixeira just got hit by a nasty pitch (for the second time in a week) and was clearly not pleased. Hopefully, we can manage to win a game and not fall any further in the standings that we have fallen in the last three days. I hope so, anyway.


Brilliant said…
You are making great progress! Enjoy your two ice cream dates! :-D
Gabi said…
Sounds like your kids are really looking forward to vacation and can't blame them...lol.
Goofy looks great. So does your table runner which is coming along great.
Panda's look great too :)
I only have a half day next Wedstitchday,,,,,what do you say???
Glad you have time for your guys and it will be those special days that they remember and pass on to their children.
Your stitching is coming along nicely and that table runner is going to be awesome when finished.
Have a great weekend and
Be always in stitches.

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