My Angel Came Home

I know that I've told this story before, but if you can just bear with me? Several years ago MJ's Aunt J gave me all of her stitching things. She was having trouble with her hands and her eyes were not as good as they used to be, all effects from the diabetes that she suffered from. When she gave me this big Rubbermaid container filled with stuff I started going through it immediately. I found in there a kit by Dimensions that she said was the one thing in the whole box she wished she had been able to finish.

I made it for her birthday in June, 2009 and she was very happy to have it. Sadly, Aunt J passed away last August. Aunt J had three sons, none of whom were very nice to her while she was alive, which made the ones who loved her angry. After her funeral I asked her oldest son if I could have the angel back. Truthfully, I didn't want her sons to have it. I know that's mean, but they would not have appreciated it anyway and I doubt that it would have brought them any comfort. This past weekend my MIL and FIL were away and they stopped at the son's house to pick up a box that they had for her. It was stuff from Aunt J's house that they wanted our family to have. In the box was my angel. I'm so glad that she came home to me and will now hang in my house as a reminder of Aunt J and all that she meant to us.

I think that we can move on to happier topics now, don't you? Stitching for the baby quilt goes on. I finished the second square yesterday:

I have Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto left to do. They are easy things to work on when I get tired of the HAED or the table runner.

Speaking if the HAED, that got a bit of attention, too, this week:

That big area that I'm working on all gets filled in with one color, that at least I'm doing an easy part that does not require a tremendous amount of concentration. One color easy. Love it!

This page is almost done, then there is one full page of sky and and another 1/3 of a page, and then I will be done with this row of pages. Slowly but surely, it's coming along. Blue skies smiling at me! Nothing but blue skies do I see! At least until I get to the bottom part where I'll be stitching nothing but green forest!

This is the last week of school here. M has a final today and tomorrow and then he's finished for the year. I was told by his school guidance counselor that he will be in all honors classes next year. While I know that school has never been M's problem, MJ and I are extremely proud of him. He worked very hard and he has something to show for it. Z's last day is not until Thursday. He's not happy that he will have to go to school for two days while his brother gets to stay home, but I told him that this is what happens when you get into middle school. He'll get his turn. He also did really well this year, as well. He was placed in the reading support group in the spring and the change in him is amazing. He also worked really hard and everyone can see great improvement both in his reading skills and his other school work as well. It made homework so much easier. It was becoming a battle because he was having trouble reading the work, but that has become much easier for him. Guess what Z gets to do this summer? Read, read, read!

I hope that everyone has a good week ahead of them. Happy stitching!


It is always nice to receive what you once worked on for a loved one.
Be always in stitches.
Gabi said…
This is one very very special angel. Glad she is home, bringing cherished memories as well.
Your WIPS look all fantastic.
Kathy said…
I am so glad the angel came back home to you. A beautiful memory piece of your Aunt. Something to pass on with it's story.

Love your Disney quilt square. :)

And the Panda is really coming along.

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