Something Just Occured To Me

I was posting a picture of the HAED pandas on the Facebook Group called Serial Started and Disciplined Divas and someone commented that I've made really good progress on this project and that it's working up pretty quickly. I responded that it's not going that quick when you realized that it's taken me more than 24 months to finish 12 pages. And that there are 57 more pages to go before completion. Then I realized that if I continued to work on this project at the same pace (6 pages per year) this project will take me more than 4 more years to finish! YIKES!! That's a long time!

So, I have ramped up my efforts to get stitching on the HAED. The thought of a project taking 6 years to complete is not something that sits well with me for some reason.

So, here is the latest picture of it:

Like I said, 12 pages down, 57 more to go. I've actually made some progress on the next page when I sat and stitched on it Sunday afternoon.

Today my kids and I completed a yearly task: the purchasing of the back to school supplies. I did pretty well, too, and I was able to get almost everything that was on their lists, even the specific brand and model of the scientific calculator that M needed. What could I not find? A red five subject notebook and dividers M's binders. Really? They didn't have red five subject notebooks? I really would have thought that particular item would have been no problem. Oh, well. I guess I will have to go to another store to find those two items.

My FIL underwent his surgery a couple of weeks ago and is home resting. MIL says that he feels okay, but he's having a tough time getting back onto his feet. The doctors told him that it could be as long as three weeks before he really starts to feel better. I'm just relieved that he is home and starting to feel a little like his old self. And the good news is that the tumor that was removed was not cancerous! Talk about a relief! So, there is no need for further treatment for him. He can just concentrate on regaining his strength. Thank goodness for small things!


Kathy said…
I'm glad the surgery went well and that it was NOT cancer. I hope your FIL is back on his feet soon.

Pandas is looking great. But I know what you mean about the time. But then I know it would take me many more years than 6 to finish one of those huge pieces. :)

I am planning on going to S&S this week. But it won't be the same without you. :(

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