A Week Of HAED Stitching

The middle of another week. August is starting to roll on at a good pace. There are only about 7 more weeks left in the 2011 baseball season and the soon, thankfully, there will be football. I'm getting more than a little annoyed with my Yankees lately. We're 2 - 10 against the Red Sox and our closer, usually Mr. Reliable, has blown two saves in a row. Not good. These are the games where I need to eat chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, I think that I'm in trouble. M discovered one of my hiding places for my secret supply of sweets. The conversation went something like this:"

M: What are these? (holding a plastic container of previously hidden chocolate)

Me: Chocolate covered caramels.

M: Why are you hiding them?

Me: I'm not hiding them. I just didn't tell you that I had them.

Hmmmm... me thinks it's time to find a new hiding place! It's not like the kids don't have their own junk food to eat. But sometimes, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there who does this, there are things that are purchased that are not meant for little people to eat. Yep! Time to find a new spot.

As for stitching, it's been the week of the HAED projects. The first page of the Sampler Letter was finished last night.

See all that white? That's done with sparkly thread and I think that it's going to be the death of me. The chart originally called for white Krenick, which I'm really not a huge fan of. I'll use it if I have nothing to substitute for it, but there is alot of it that I need to use for this project. So, a trip to my trusty LNS was in order. Diana had something called Nordic Gold. It came in all colors. I think that it's easier to use than the Krenick, but it's still difficult. Anyone have any tips for stitching with metallic or sparkly floss?

The pandas also received some attention this past weekend. Still stitching blues. Lots and lots of blues, but I an almost done with this row of pages. I am determined that this project is not going to take me six years to finish!

I am really excited because I have been able to enlist someone to help me with the finishing of the Nativity table runner. My cousin's wife, Sarah, is a fabulous quilter. I can sew. Sarah can quilt. Because this project is so big I have been leery about trying to finish it off. I asked Sarah if she would be wiling to help me and she said that she would! Yippee!!!!! Now, at least, I know it will be done right! This, of course, means a trip to the fabric store to look for fabric for the border, back, and binding. Maybe I can do that this weekend. Ooooo!! Stash shopping!


Gabi said…
You realize he might have a closer look at eventual hiding places now where he knows that you MIGHT have some secrets??? Nothing taste better then mums hidden chocolate anyway. Ask my daughters...lol
Lovely stitching. Your pandas look great.
That sounds like a fun project to finish the table runner together with Sarah.
Kathy said…
The Panda piece is really moving along. Instead of 6 years do you think it will be 3?? LOL

Love the look of the sparklies in the new piece. This one will be so very pretty.

I am so glad you found someone to help you finish off the Nativity. That is just too beautiful to sit in a drawer. I hope you bring it a S&S so we can all see it in person. :)

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