Moving Right Along

I've made some progress on two new projects. This is "Not Tonight, Dear". I have really come to love monochrome designs. They stitch up quickly, and having only one color to deal with makes them idea projects to take along with me.

I take my stitching with me when I have doctor appointments, when Z has gymnastics, anywhere that I will have to wait for a while. The gymnastics classes are an hour long, so I sit in the parents room and stitch while Z tumbles his little heart out. You would be amazed how many people ask to see what I'm working on and tell me that they stitch, too, or how long it's been since they had time to sit and do some stitching.

I've become friendly with a woman from Z's pre-school whose son has become friends with Z. She was telling me that she used to do needlepoint, but hasn't touched it since her kids were born because she feels guilty about taking the time for herself to work on it. She feels like she's always got to be doing something for someone else. Aren't alot of mothers like that? She told me that she is amazed that I can do my stitching, and take care of the kids, and keep house. I've inspired her to take out her needlepoint again. Another stitcher, back in the fold!

Well. our trip to Disney World is looming large on the horizon and Mickey was calling to me from the stash closet. I have several kits from Disney World, one that I started ages ago and has become a UFO. I think I may start that one over again, but that's another post for another day. This one is called "Puppy Love" and actually MJ picked it out! I pulled it out of the closet early in the week, but didn't get a chance to start it until Friday. The kit came with white aida, but I switched that out for evenweave, which I like better. The flosses are all DMC and the chart is printed in large print so it's big, but easy to read.

Here is what the finished piece will look like:

Just another WIP to add to the pile!


Suzanne said…
I'm not a Disney fan, but I do like that kit! Looking forward to more of it!
Tammy said…
Mickey's backside is looking good :-)
Sarah said…
That Mickey one is too cute!
Shell said…
cute bum on Mickey,I used to feel guilty about how much time was spent on my stitching,but we all need a little me time.

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