Baby Bunnies, Anyone?

We have a finished basement in our house and when we had it finished the contractor put a big window in. The idea being that if we were down there and a fire, or something catastrophic happened upstairs and we could not get out by going up, we could get out through the window. The area right outside the window is pretty deep. One night MJ comes upstairs looking for the flashlight and says to me, "I think we have a problem." I hate when he says things like that because I think of all of the worst, and really expensive, things that could go wrong. So, I follow him back down to the basement, and there in the window well are four tiny, baby bunnies. Apparently they hopped under the back deck and right into the window well. The noise MJ was hearing was the little guys trying very hard to hop out.

The next morning we had to figure out how to rescue them. We needed a way to carry them through the house and back outside to where we thought the Mama Bunny was. The only solution that we came up with was the cat carrier. MJ climbed out the window put a pail over each bunny, put a cover over it so the bunny would not hop out, and then tipped it over into the carrier, where I closed the door on the bunny. After they were all in the carrier we took them out to the back yard and set them free:

We think that the Mama Bunny has her nest under this large plant that is in the back yard because all of the bunnies hopped as fast as they could under that plant. Of course, the kids wanted to keep them, but I squashed that idea right then and there. I told them that these bunnies are wild and not meant to be pets. Every few days or so I see the babies hopping around the yard and a part of me thinks of them as "our" bunnies.
Today is the last day of school for M and he came bounding down the stairs this morning when it was time to leave for the bus stop. He knows that starting tomorrow it's nights where he can stay up late and mornings where we don't have to rush around to get ready to go anywhere. He's already asking when we can go to the beach. I'm wondering if it's going to be a really L O N G summer.
Unless we get some sun and warmth around here I don't think the beach will ever be a viable option. Hopefully, soon it will get warm. I think we're at 21 out of 25 days of rain? I am tired of cool, gray, and cloudy. Anyone with a little extra sun, could you send it my way?
I spent the better part of the afternoon the other day pulling floss for the HAED and Sheri is coming over tonight to help me with stitching over one, which, as I've said, is something that I have never done and never thought I would do. Heck, I never thought I would EVER stitch a HAED, let alone stitch it over one. I've been working on a LHN design called Necessities Sampler. I have no pictures, but I will take them soon. To be honest, I really have not done alot of stitching since getting sick with that nasty stomach bug. Yesterday was the first day of almost two weeks that I picked up a needle, so I was happy to get myself stitching again.
Mmmmm! I'm sitting near an open window and my neighbor is outside smoking a cigar. That smell always reminds me of my dad. He loved them. My mom used to complain about "the stink", but whenever I smell that smell, I think of Dad.
Well, I have some laundry to fold and I had better get to it. Can anyone tell me where all the laundry comes from? The hamper was empty yesterday and it's full already. I think it multiplies during the night!


Sarah said…
Oh my gosh...those bunnies are so cute!!! We had baby bunnies in our backyard once at our old house. I couldn't believe how tiny they were!
Barb said…
Oh, I'm so glad you were able to save the bunnies. We have lots of them in our yard and they don't always choose the best places to nest.

With my dad, it was pipes. I do love the smell of pipe tobacco, but cigarettes...yuck!
Bronny said… cute!
Isn't it amazing how certain aromas bring back such forceful memories? Good luck with your stitching...I don't envy you your HAED...
tkdquintmom said…
Awww! Little bunnies! I'd have a hard time letting the go with giving them each a little squishy hug!
My dad also smoked pipes...I think the same way you do...I so miss him and that smell.
The bunnies are so cute but I don't like them in my yard - they EAT everything! You'll get the hang of over one; no worries. What size fabric did you go with. I admire you for attempting it - I'll never do one but I am in awe of those that do.
Daffycat said…
Awwwww! How adorable!
Anonymous said…
What cute bunnies!! Good luck with your HAED

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