So Excited!!

This weekend MJ, the kids, and I went to visit my cousin, Anthony, his wife, Sarah, and their kids. Sarah and I e-mail back and forth a bit and we follow each others blogs, so I cdonsider her a friend. It was their son's third birthday and we were invited up for the party. I am so glad that I went. I got to see family that I have not seen in a while and it was so nice to sit and catch up with everyone. As we were leaving the party to head back to our hotel Sarah and Anthony said that they had something to show me. In their garage they had these two tables. Sarah told me that they were both sewing machines that had belonged to my grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. Anthony said that neither one of them worked, but that if I wanted one of them, he could tinker with it to make it run, clean it up so it looks nice, and bring it down to me. I was so happy!!!!! I can't wait to get it. I told MJ that we had to find a place to put it because I definitely want it. How cool is that??

This morning before we left we all met for breakfast at Denny's. We don't have Denny's on Long Island, so whenever we are away and see one, that it where I want to have breakfast. All it all, it was a good weekend. I was so glad that I went.

I have no pictures of it yet, but I started the HAED on Friday. Right now, it's pretty much just a blue blob on the upper left hand corner. I think I'm going to need glasses by the time this one is finished! Stitching over one is not as hard as I thought it would be, either, so I'm happy about that.

Well, I have to get fold that laundry that's been sitting here for a few days, and wash the laundry that has piled up. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


tkdquintmom said…
Yeah!!! Good for you! I'm anxious to see some pictures. Not as bad as you though, eh?
WildcatGrrl said…
Great get-together and congrats on the sewing machine find. That is really neat!
WildcatGrrl said…
And congrats on the HAED start! You can do it!
Natasha said…
Awesome! look forward to seeing pictures of them.

I am like that about Waffle House we do not have them out here on the west coast and I have to say I miss WH alot LOL When we were living in South Carolina that was our wednesday morning ritiual.

Take Care
Sarah said…
Hey there! Well...the sewing machine officially works! I saw it with my very own eyes. We will bring it in October. :)

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