Finally, Some Stitching

It's HOT out! For the first time all summer I can honestly say that it's hot. Z and I were just outside planting the Stargazer lillies that I bought yesterday and the sun was beating down on us, and good heavens it was hot out! I was very happy to get back inside, where the air conditioning is on and the house is cool.

After that nasty visit from the frog last week I decided to put down the HAED and pick up my sampler. It's been sitting since I started the HAED. The many motifs and alphabets are easy to work on, it's all one color, and it's just what I need to work on when I need to lower my blood pressure. The frog can do that do you.

I love the measuring spoons and the R2D2:

One of the motifs that I finished from pages 14 and 15. I love my wedding date:

Page 15 is almost done (woo hoo!), which means that there are only 5 more pages left to go. the whole sampler so far:

This is where I left the HAED, after spending an hour and a half ripping out stitches:
So, as you can see there is progress. I just was supposed to have alot more progress by now. I guess I'll get there eventually. At least all of the offending stitches have been pulled out, so now when I do pick it up again the hard part is done and I can just start stitching again.
Yesterday some friends and I went to see "Julie and Julia". The theatre was packed. We were all surprised to see so many people going to see the movie. It was very funny. I read the book by Julie Powell, which deals pretty much only with her cooking from Julia Child's cook book and the writing of her blog, but the movie jumps back and forth between the lives of Julie and Julia and the struggles that they had in their every day lives. I never realized the Julia Child's life was so interesting.


doris said…
Your projects look great. I'd be unstitching and restitching if I were doing a HAED. Kinda makes me shiver just to think about it.
Kathy said…
Beautiful stitching. The sampler is looking fantastic.

Like you I am not liking this heat. I sure hope it doesn't last long.
Pam, the sampler looks wonderfull, I can't wait to see the finished project. I agree that it is nice to work with one colour after working on a HAED. Be always in stitches

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