Green Gingham Bag of Love

For the first time in a few weeks, it's quiet. All of the summer programs and camps are over, and now it's the calm before the start of the new school year. At least I don't have to make myself crazy buying school supplies this year, which is so nice. Our school's PTA does a fundraiser where you can purchase a "School Tool Box", which has all of the required supplies that my kids will need for their specific grade level. Last year was the first year that I took advantage of this program and it was so much easier than taking my lists and running around from store to store looking for the specific items: one blue folder, one red folder, four composition notebooks, 12 No. 2 pencils, get the idea. I can even buy the their book bags, too. This year both boys saw a back pack that they wanted, and they both come with lunch kits. Two more things off my list! I just have to buy some clothes and everyone is ready for back to school. Or at least I'm ready to send them back to school. I don't think the kids are ever "ready" to go back! LOL!

So, since this week was the first quiet one in a while I decided that a trip into Lazy Daisy was in order. I don't have a picture of them, but the bags that Diana has at Lazy Daisy are green gingham paper, hence the title of today's post. Michelle coined the phrase "green gingham bag of love" and now I use it often. Thanks, Michelle!!

Ah, new stash! It's stitcher's joy! These little cuties are called Doodles. They are small and come with a button of some type. The beauty of these is that they are for "leftovers." No, not the leftover chicken from last night's dinner. Left over supplies from other projects. They say that you need a 7 x 7 piece of fabric, and it gives you the color recommendation for floss. Not specific color numbers. Just colors: blue, red, pink, etc. Basically, they are "do whatever you want" kind of projects. I've been looking at them for ages and just never really saw ones that I liked, but then I saw these two. Who can resist a little rubber ducky and a chocolate chip cookie? Certainly not me!

I'm adding to my Little House Needlework collection. This is "Love One Another" and while I'm usually not crazy about the lion and lamb motif, there was something about this one that I just could not pass up. Maybe it was the fact that LHN designed it? Hmmm....have I drunk the Kool Aide? Either way, I liked it and it jumped into my hands and cried, "Please! Take me home!" And home it where it landed!

These are by Blue Ribbon Designs, which is a new designer for me. I don't think I have anything by them yet. I know others have started their Christmas stitching already, and while I have not really jumped on that band wagon yet, I have begun to think about stitching a few new ornaments for my little tree this year and I thought that it would be nice to have them stitched and on the tree before Christmas Eve. These caught my eye because they are small and look like they are easy stitches. Plus the Christmas Red is a nice color.

Last, but not least, is another homage to my other great love: CHOCOLATE! This is by Handblessings and I think it says it all: Addicted to Chocolate.

It comes with two cute silver charms, too!
And of course, as I'm walking out the door I saw another chart that I liked by LHN. I will be heading back there next week for the shop's monthly sit and stitch, so I will take a closer look at it then.
Now that I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel on the sampler the voices are calling to me to start something new. Or at least pick out and kit something up so that when the sampler is done I have another new project waiting in the wings to take its place. I am trying very hard to resist the urge, though. I keep telling myself that I really need to work on the things that I have started before taking on anything new. Wish me luck with that one!


Kathy said…
Nice stash! Especially the LHN one. (I am a HUGE LHN fan!)

I've been saving my pennies all month for next weeks sit and stitch (and, for me, stash!).

See you next Thursday!
doris said…
As if you didn't know, we teachers aren't ready to go to school either!
tkdquintmom said…
Oh I have some of the Doodles! They are the coolest things! and I even had the left over chicken too...pretty tasty...BRD are addictive so watch out! Especially the Halloween ones!
DaisyGirl said…
Thank you Pam! I'll need all the prayers to get by this weekend. I have seen those little doodles before, they are so cute!
We have just about finished our first week of school. Tomorrow is one of my furlough days. I'm not even allowed to come up to the school. Our furlough days are chosen for us. I sure hope this recession we are in hurries up and gets over. The schools in GA are taking a big hit.

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