I Need Reassurance

I have no pictures yet, but pages 16 and 17 of the sampler are done. YAY!! That leave three to go and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter with every stitch that I put in. That is actually why I need reassurance.

I usually do the border on each page last, mostly because it is my least favorite part of the sampler to work on. For the last two pages, however, I have noticed that the border on each page is not ending where the chart says that it should. I'm usually at least two squares over. Now, the reason for this could be very simple. The letters may off by two squares, which would account for the border not lining up properly. Or, and this is my worst fear, somewhere along the line I messed up the border. YIKES!! The thought is enough to make me cry.

Now, as I have been stitching this project I have made mistakes on the border along the way, but the mistakes always made themselves known to me because the border did not line up. The loops on the Celtic knots would not meet and if that happened I knew something was wrong. Right now, nothing looks wrong.

I'm being paranoid, right? Please, someone tell me that I did this right. The last thing that I want is to get to the bottom corner of the project only to find that the Celtic knot border is not right.

I'll take pictures in the next few days so that I can post them.

Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I need to go pick the sampler up and get some more stitching done while I'm watching the Yankee game. It's the first inning and already Johnny Damon had to come out of the game because he fouled a ball off his knee. That's not a great way to start the game.

Have a good weekend.


Bronny said…
Don't panic.
Even IF you are out by a couple of stitches - you are experienced enough stitcher to fudge the border so that it matches at the corner - this will create a unique border - which in truth will only be blindingly visible to YOU and over time will fade into insignificance in comparison to the awsome work achieved over the rest of the sampler.
If you are really worried, then recount over the last 3 pages to see if there is anywhere it could be visible and how to correct it. Leave it a day or two, so that a clear view can possibly pick it up.
It will come out fine in the end - whatever the result!!
Daffycat said…
Calm yourself...there is little more worrying than meeting up borders. We all worry! I'm sure if you've easily spotted the errors before you would have seen any lately.

tkdquintmom said…
Walk away from it and revist it when your mind is clear. I find I do that alot and it truly helps. Then after throwing it up against the wall, you will realize that you're probably going to be ok with it. I'm sure it's ok.

Foul ball on the knee? OUCH!
doris said…
You can do it! Just keep putting in those stitches.
Carol said…
Hi Pam! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment... Wow, that is a lovely sampler you have going on there (I scrolled back through your blog to see what you were talking about). Really lovely and personalized. I'll be back often to check on your progress.

Oh, and regarding the zucchini-chocolate chip muffins on my blog--they were great! I ate three the first day... Chocolate makes everything taste better :)

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