Back From the Framers!

I took my sampler to Michael's to get framed two weeks ago. They are usually really fast, so I was waiting patiently for that phone call from the framing center telling me that my custom framing order is ready to be picked up at any time. A week goes by. A week and a half. Two weeks!! No phone call. Finally, yesterday afternoon I called to check on the status of the order and lo and behold - it was ready! I was out the door so fast poor MJ didn't have time to ask me where I was going. Ready to see my masterpiece? Drum roll please!

MJ came out to help me carry it into the house when I got home and the first thing he said to me was, "Oh my God, this is HUGE!!" Good thing I had a wall large enough for it.

A close up of the fame:

The sampler on the dining room wall with the butterflies:
When that sampler made it's way back into my house, it was a very happy day in my stitching life.
This morning I came downstairs to start my day when I see this scene in my den:

Tiger the Wonder Kitty, sitting on my project bag, looking like he's protecting my ornaments and fabric at all cost. Don't mess with the Wonder Kitty!


Sarah said…
It came out great! I LOVE the frame that you chose. How big is it?
Tammy said…
Wow that is a masterpiece and I would have flew out the door too!
What a wonderfull keepsake for your family. I hope everyone enjoyes it half as much as you did stitching it. It is beautiful Pam. Be always in stitches.
WoW, Pam! It is absolutely stunning! Congratulations. Isn't it just the most fun to bring home a new, big piece. I'm so happy for you!
Gabi said…
It looks fantastic. Love the frame too. Great color. It suits just perfect. And the butterflies give the whole just the finishing touch.
Deb said…
Pam, it looks wonderful and the frame you picked out really compliments the piece! I bet you were just tickled to get it back and in your home!
doris said…
Congrats on a beautiful framed project! Isn't it so exciting?
tkdquintmom said…
Oh wow, it's great! Love it...and Wonder Kitty looks like he is saying 'Don't touch my dirt'!

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