Grandma's Sewing Table

My kids think I'm the strongest person in the world. If I'm so strong, why does one little HAED project send me a quivering? The thought of making another mistake and having to frog out all that work sends shivers up and down my stitching spine! Well, I quiver no more!!! Sheri was over a few Saturdays ago and talked me into picking up my poor panda bears and I am happy to report that page 2 is done! Only 67 more pages to go! Now if that is not a daunting thought, then I'm not sure what it.

After finished page 2 of the HAED, not much stitching got done last week. It was just one of those weeks where the needle never seemed to make it into my hand. Hopefully, this week will be a little better in the stitching department. I did manage to start another ornament, and it's not far from being done. Once I get it this one stitching I want to start some of the finishing work on them and figure out which ones are going to be given to whom. Then I can figure out if I need, or want, to make more of them.

And how about them Yankees? Walked right into the American League Division Series and swept those Minnesota Twins! The first game against the Angels will be this Friday, and I will be unable to watch it. Ugh!! My BIL's wedding is that night and I will be occupied that evening. I think I will be calling some friends from the reception to find out how the game is going. I remember my father doing that once. He and my mom were at a wedding and he kept calling to find out how the NY Knicks were doing. I guess just runs in the blood, huh? Funny how I just remembered that as I was sitting here typing.

Speaking of family, I got something this weekend that made me SO happy! My cousin and his family came to see us over the weekend and brought me my Grandma's sewing table:

All opened up with her sewing machine:

This means so much to me to have it. My cousin said that the machine still works, too.
It's just about time to make dinner. M had to get two teeth pulled this morning, so he wants something soft to eat. We're having breakfast for dinner. Pancakes are on the menu! I guess he would have thought of better ways to spend his day off from school, but it had to get done and today was the day. He did pretty well, and even managed to feel well enough for a trip to the toy store to spend some allowance money.
Oh, and I got something, too! A new Toy Story game for the Wii! we all played it this afternoon and it was so much fun. I told MJ that he had to play it with me tonight. We'll see if he wants to do that. The Jets are on Monday Night Football, so I think my evening will be taken up with that! I love Toy Story and I can't wait for the third movie to come out!


Great sewing cabinet; I'm so glad you got it. I hope the machine works well. Sometimes those old machines work far better than the new ones!

I loved TS also!
Gabi said…
That sewing cabinet is gorgeous. What a treasure to keep.
And 67 pages to go. Easy
To be honest, if you do it like me, then you should avoid thinking about pages...EVER. Only finished pages count. The ones in front of you are the "unspoken" ones. The ones you never think of.
Other then that: your panda looks GREAT
Melanie said…
Your HAED is looking great! Isn't it fun to finally get to stitch on a panda in the design?

Very nice sewing table & machine! That's a real treasure.

I'm looking forward to Toy Story 3, too!!!!
Kathy said…
Love the sewing table. And I am sure you will treasure it whether the machine works or not.

I hope all went well with the wedding and you all had a fabulous time.

Missed you at the sit and stitch last week. See you next month.

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