Christmas Ornaments

I have been so busy. Now that the wedding is over and my kids are healthy again, it's time to get back to stitching. This is the one that I'm working on right now and I think that I will give it to the newlyweds:

What could be nicer than "Love" for your first married Christmas?

This one says "Home", a great thought during the holidays:

I have to get fabric for the backs of these. I was going to use the red and green fabric that I bought for some of the other ornaments, but I was not happy with the way that I looked. I had a different fabric for these in my hand when I bought the other fabrics, but I put it back. I'll head over to Joanne's this week and see if the fabric that I originally saw is still there. I'm hoping that it will be.

These are my little gingerbread men. M saw these and thought that they were "so cute" and was I really going to give them away? So, when I went to Lazy Daisy last week after he went back to school I bought more of the Crescent Colors floss that I needed and I see several more of these little guys in my future:
I love the fabric that I found for the backing. It's little gingerbread men!

While M was sick last week I decided to make some good use of my time and start some finishing. I know I have been talking about that for quite a while, but I finally got around to getting out my sewing machine and getting it set up.
The gingerbread man, the snow man and the lamb:

The fabric for the back these three:

I have several more to make, but this is what I've done so far. Thankfully the Yankess made it into the World Series and baseball games are great for stitching!
The kids are looking forward to fajitas for dinner tonight, so I need to get cracking and get some vegetables chopped. Have a good week, everyone.


Gabi said…
Ohhhh....all these ornaments are lovely..or will be lovely. The newly weds will be delighted with this beauty.
Carol said…
I love your ornaments, Pam! Just bought the exact same gingerbread man fabric the other day--it looks so cute backing your ornament :)
Deb said…
Those ornaments are great. And I'm sure the newlyweds will love the one for them. A wonderful remembrance of their first Christmas together.
Kathy said…
Love all your ornaments! The finishing and fabric are just perfect.
The one for the newlyweds will be perfect for them on their first Christmas together as Mr and Mrs.
tkdquintmom said…
Love them all! You've been busy! The gingerbread ones are my favorite...tell M nice choice. :)

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