Look What I Made!

I picked up two framed finished from the needlework shop last week. This is Z's panda:

He went with me to the shop and picked out the frame. I'm not sure how well the color is coming through in the picture, but it's a shade of green that is one of Z's favorite colors. He was so excited. He doesn't know that I picked it up. His birthday is this week and I think I'm going to wrap it up and give it to him as part of his birthday presents.

Aunt J's Daydreaming Angel is back also:

I think she came out really pretty. I can't wait to send it to her for her birthday.
Look what I made! It's a needle book:

Yesterday the kids were at school and I was finished with my cleaning, so I was surfing the web looking for interesting blogs to read, and I came across this one: http://focusonfinishing.blogspot.com/
I had always wanted a needle book, but thought they were hard to make. The directions that she had on her blog made it seem really easy that I thought even a novice like me could try it. So I looked for a small design that I thought would be good for the cover, went through my box of fabric scraps to see what I had on hand and at 9:00 pm last night I was sewing away. It's not perfect, but for a first try, it's not bad. I love trying new things like this. I feel like I've expanded my horizons!


Wendy said…
Your stitching looks so wonderful in the frames!
Suzanne said…
they look great! see my blog for another award!
Sarah said…
They both turned out great! I am sure he will be thrilled with the Panda...love the frame you chose.
tkdquintmom said…
GREAT job on the needlebook! You should be proud! Now, you can send that Mr. Panda my way, you're son 'might' understand! LOL
Ranae said…
Your framed pieces look fabulous.
You did a fantastic job on the needlebook, very nice finished
Raggedy Ann said…
wow! You do beautiful work!
thanks for the award..can't quite figure out how to copy and paste the award to my blog :/
guess I forgot? lol
thank you , I will try again!
Hope you have a great day today!!
Love your blog,
BeckySC said…
Hi there :)
Thanks for visiting my blog :) I appreciate it :)
Your framed pieces look great :)

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