My New Toy Arrived

With two boys in the house, sometimes is hard to me to be able to get onto the computer. Recently, I decided that in order to alleviate my computer frustrations, I needed my very own laptop. I asked for one for my birthday, but MJ thought I was nuts, not to mention that fact that we really didn't have the money to throw away on a laptop when we just got a brand new computer at Christmas time. Sigh. Why do men (especially accountant men) have to be so darn practical?

I guess my argument won out because guess what was delivered yesterday afternoon? My very own, shiny new, blue laptop!! I type this post from said laptop sitting at my dining room table.

Ahh, I love it! The convenience of being able to use a computer from anywhere. No telling the kids that they have to get off because I need (want) to get online for something.

And just like my secret stash of chocolate that is hidden away in the kitchen cabinet, this laptop has "No Kids Allowed" written all over it.


Sarah said…
Yippee!! That is wonderful! I hope that you enjoy it. :)

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