I Love Getting Stash In The Mail

At the beginning of the year I was on the 123 Stitch message board and I went into the Wish List thread. For anyone unfamiliar with this, it's a thread where people post thing that they wish to acquire. Most people are willing to buy or trade for the things that they want. There was a woman who posted to the thread that she was looking for 14 count aida cloth to use for charity stitching. When Aunt J gave me her stitching supplies there was a large amount of aida in her stash. I really don't like to stitch on aida anymore, but I held onto it figuring that I would eventually find a home for it. So, I e-mailed her and told her that she could have what I had. Since the fabric was given to me I didn't want her to pay me for it. I just asked her to pay for the postage to send the box to England. I figured that a gift certificate to 123 Stitch would be easiest for all involved. I was so excited to other day to get an e-mail from Nancy at 123 that I had a gift certificate waiting for me with my name on it. Oh, all the goodies I was looking at. I finally settled on these four leaflets:

Not Tonight Dear is by Sue Hillis (the same designer of the Pirate Santa). Isn't this great? I had seen it in a catalogue as a kit, and always thought it was the cutest thing. When I saw it on 123 I knew that I had to have it. One of the things I love about this is that it's a monochrome design so you can really play around with floss and fabric colors.

How many of us have had this thought? Not long ago I was cleaning out my closet and was getting rid of jeans that I know I will never get into again. After two kids and almost 12 years of marriage, there are just clothes that don't fit anymore, and most probably never will. MJ kept two pairs of my "skinny jeans" because he just knows I will get into them again one day. Not long after that I saw this pattern. I might hang it next to my closet. This is called "Miracles Happen" and is by My Big Toe.

Okay, so after pandas I think my next favorite thing in this world has to be chocolate! I love it any way I can get it. Ice cream, candy bars (Hershey's with almonds are one of my favorites), brownies. Well, you get the idea. I have quite a few chocolate designs, but so far I've only done one of them and it's hanging in the dining room. It looks quite lonely, hanging there all by itself. Since I have a panda wall in the den, maybe I could make a chocolate wall in the dining room? Sounds like a yummy idea to me!

I love getting stash in the mail! Now comes the hard part: deciding which one to stitch first!


Sarah said…
I just got a package of quilty stuff in the mail...it made my day!
Enjoy your stuff!
Cari said…
Hi Pam!
I especially love "keep the skinny jeans!" Boy, isn't that the truth...LOL.
Have a great weekend!

Wendy said…
Nice stash you got! I like the jeans one, I also have some jeans in my closet that doesn't fit me anymore (also after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids)
You also like chocolate, me too!! I don't know if you can buy belgian chocolate in the States, but this is soooooo jummie!

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