I Really Need To Stay Out Of The LNS

I really should know better than to go to the LNS with play money in my wallet. I went to get Aunt J's angel framed. Last time I was there I bought Miribilia's "Cinderella". I have seen this piece finished and always thought it was beautiful. So, I'm standing in the LNS with this pattern in my hands thinking, "Should I or shouldn't I?" Well, obviously I thought I should. So, when I went back to get the piece framed I thought that I should get fabric for it. I picked this color from Wichlett. I forget what the color is called, but it's in the purple family:

For me, this is not a good thing. Once I have the fabric, then the project just calls to me that it wants to be started. I really don't want to start it yet because I have the sampler that I'm working on and I would rather only have one BAP at a time. We'll have to see how my resolve holds out.

Since the angel is done, I started Z's panda. I have not gotten very far on it, but it's really a small design so I don't think it will take that long to complete. He's really happy that I started it for him:

I finally got this in the mail the other day. It's the panda with my name in Chinese that I ordered from Cross Stitch Art! Yay!! More stash in the mail! This is another project that seems to have found it's way to the top of my "To Do" list. That list keeps getting longer and longer! I'm starting to wonder if I will ever finish it!

Here she is!!! My angel!! The only thing missing from this picture are her eyes and the eye for the dove. They are supposed to done with French knots and I can't make a knot to save my life! Luckily, I know people who take pity on me for being knot challenged and do them for me! This time Diana, the owner of the LNS, did them.

I think that she's beautiful! I picked out a frame that really seemed to brighten her up. Does anyone else have trouble picking frames? I think that's the hardest part.
Have a good Sunday, everyone. Please leave a comment. I love to read them!


Suzanne said…
She's lovely. I hate French knots too but I have finally gotten better at them.

Only 1 BAP at a time? Where's the fun in THAT?! LOL
tkdquintmom said…
I LOVE the angel! She is beautiful girl. Um...I have to order myself one of those panda charts. That is just WAY too cool. I may do that today. Yes, I have a hard time picking out frames but even a more difficult time picking out mattes to go with the piece. And if your shop takes play money, I guess my kids games are going to get raided!
Sarah said…
The angel looks great!! I can't wait to see how it looks in the frame!
Wendy said…
Well I have the same problem with the Cinderella pattern! I sell it in my store and always think, should I or should I not keep it for myself, I just love this one, but have never seen it finished.

I'm looking forward to see the progress on this one.
Shell said…
angel is looking lovely,I couldn't imagine coming out of the LNS without some new stash.
Tammy said…
The angel turned out great. I'm sure your Aunt J is gonna love her :-)

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