I Think I'm In Trouble

You know when you read the message boards and you come across the thread that says something about enabling you? I really must learn to stay away from those threads. I have to learn to just back out of them and find something else to look at Yesterday, while checking out the SanMan Originals board I came across this site:


How cool is that??!! A panda that I can have my name in Chinese characters! Needless to say I will be waiting very impatiently by my mail box waiting for it to arrive. I can't wait to have the pattern in my hot little hands and sit and decide what fabric would be perfect for it. I have some ideas, but I'll wait to make any decisions until it arrives.

Then Z comes up to me and asks me if I would stitch him a panda of his very own for his room. And he doesn't want a wall hanging this time. He would like his picture in a frame he tells me. And ordinary white fabric just won't do. Nope. He wants the "pretty green fabric" because that's his favorite color. Oh, good heavens, I think I've created a monster! Of course, I have the perfect panda for him and I will dutifully dig through my stash to find my little man green fabric. What else is a mother to do?

I even have some updated pictures of my projects. Here is Aunt J's angel:

She's coming along beautifully and I will have no problem getting her stitched and framed by her birthday in June.

I finished page 6 of my sampler last night:

Only 14 more to go!! This may take a while!


Suzanne said…
Those are looking great!
Wendy said…
Nice progress on your project! I'm looking forward to see the progress of it. I also love to stithc dimensions, I already have a few kits of them.
tkdquintmom said…
The Dimensions is coming along nicely but WHY did you have to give me that link to the panda pattern???? I also love the 'Waiting' as well...ah geesh...

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