We Have A Winner!

After I looked at the new stash that I acquired, I had to decide which one to kit up first. So many designs...so many decisions. I decided to go with these two first:

Chocolate Awareness is going to be done on hand dyed fabric called Pumpkin Pie and with Sable floss by Gentle Arts.

Not Tonight, Dear is going to be done on Pink Lemonade fabric and Bordeaux floss by Weeks Dye Works.

Actually, neither of these projects will be started until Z's panda, which I kitted up yesterday and have to start, is close to being done and Aunt J's angel is done. Speaking of my angel, here is an update!

She has a head! And hands! And feet! I have to stitch her wings, and the dove that sits on one of the wings, and do the backstitching, and then she can be washed and sent to the framers. I love those quick projects because I feel like I've actually gotten something accomplished.


Sarah said…
I can't wait to see Z's panda! I have beeen doing some smaller projects lately too...it makes me feel more productive. :)
Suzanne said…
I like the fabric you have chosen for the new ones.

The angel is looking lovely.

Wendy said…
Nice fabrics you have chosen for your new projects! I like it!

Also a nice progress on your angel, it looks great already!
Shell said…
Angel is looking lovely,cute projects waiting in line.
tkdquintmom said…
Love the choice for the Not Tonight Dear! Love the pink! Great choice...hey who made the Pumpkin Pie fabby? I love the color, it reminds me of parchment paper! I love getting stash too...I'll be posting mine in a while. :-)

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