New Year, New Start

I started a new project. I know that I have several that are on going in my stitching bag, but this one is for a good person. About a year and a half ago MJ's aunt called me and told me that she was giving me all of her stitching things. She has diabetic neuropathy in her hands and her eye sight is not what it used to be, and since she could no longer stitch she wanted her things to go to a good home. Mine! As I was going through the things that she gave me I came across this kit:

It's called "Daydreaming Angel" and MJ's aunt commented that this is the one project that she wished she could have finished. I had always intended to make it for her, but it got packed away in a box and I forgot about it until I went thought that box on New Year's Day looking for something. I pulled it out and took a look at what Aunt J had started, but I couldn't figure out what she had stitched or where she was on the pattern. So, I started it over. I started it on 1/2/09 and this is what I've done so far:

My goal is to have it done and framed by Aunt J's birthday on 6/1. I'll post more updates as I get more done on her and my other WIP's


Suzanne said…
What a wonderful thing for you to do! I'm looking forward to pictures!

Shell said…
it looks a lovely design,I couldn't imagine not being able to stitch,so sad for her.

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