Bridal Shower Pictures

As I said in my last post, my future SIL's bridal shower over this past weekend was a success. We had a nice day, weather-wise. We started setting up the club house the day before and everyone was there early on Saturday to put the finishing touches on the room.

The happy couple after they arrived at the shower:

I think they look lovely together.
This is the wedding sampler that I made for them. I started it right after they got engaged and had it finished in the fall. It's been hanging out in my closet since November, framed and ready to be given to it's new home.
Did I mention the fire alarm? The shower was held in the club house of the co-op where the couple live and the clubhouse shares bathroom facilities with the communityh pool. There were two girls in the ladies shower and somehow the heat and steam from the shower set off the fire alarm. The alarm is hard wired to the fire department, so not long after the fire alarm went off, two very large fire trucks and two emergency vehicles pulled up to make sure there was nothing wrong at the building. It was definitely something that anyone who attended the shower will forget.


Kathy said…
LOL about the fire alarm! Too funny. And I bet she will always remember her shower with a smile because of it.
The sampler you did for them is stunning!! Absolutely stunning!
The Wedding Sampler is spectuclar Pam, what a gift from the heart. Beautiful complete work of art.

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