A Day At the Beach

I was sitting at home yesterday morning. Michael was at his summer music program and I had about a half an hour before I had to pick him up when, when my MIL called me and said that she and my FIL were going to the beach in the afternoon and did the kids and I want to come? Sure! M and Z love the beach! So, after everyone had some lunch, we changed into our bathing suits, lathered on the sun block, and headed off to Smith's Point.

When I take the kids to the beach I like to have someone else with me. Smith's Point is an ocean beach, and, at times, the waves and the undertow can be pretty rough. Yesterday was no exception. It's a good thing I was holding onto Z because a few times the waves swept him right off his feet! And he's so adventurous. He didn't care that he almost got swept out to sea. He just kept wanting to go deeper and deeper into the water.

The Atlantic Ocean on the southern shore of Long Island:

Z digging in the sand.

M digging in the sand by the shore:

It was a great few hours. There was no arguing among brothers. Everyone left everyone alone and did their own thing. The sun was shining and the water was cool.
My SIL's bridal shower was this past weekend. It was very nice. There was ALOT of food left. The bride figured out that it was her shower, but she was very happy with it and she go great stuff. She only got one double present to return.
As I was busy at the end of last week with shower details, I have not picked up a needle since last Wednesday. I'm hoping to rectify that situation this afternoon. My thought is that I want to finish the second page of the HAED and then go back to working on the sampler. I would really like to finish that before the end of the year, but if I keep adding projects to the rotation, that is going to be hard to do.
First, though, I have to get some major cleaning done. It's that dreaded time when I finally decide that the mop is just not getting the kitchen floor clean enough and that more it needed if I'm going to be satisfied. It's time to get on my hands and knees and scrub the floor. It's not like I'm not a clean person. But the mop just does not get all of the dirt that gets stuck in the crevices of the tiles. I don't do this alot, mostly because I'm afraid I'll ruin the finish of the floor, but every now and then I just get that "I can't look at this floor another minute" thing going on in my head and I'm off to get the bucket and hot water and I spend an hour or so scrubbing away. Actually, I was supposed to do it yesterday, but then I got the beach call and that was the end of that. Oh well. As a wise woman once said to me, "The dirt will still be there tomorrow." Ain't it the truth?


Kathy said…
A day at the beach beats scrubbing floors on your hands and knees any day!! :)
So does a day spent stitching. Page three is calling. LOL
The Beach sounds very nice and I agree, stitching is far more rewarding than scrubbing a floor any day, but in the end it all has to be done.Hope you have a great week and after the mop be always iin stitches.
Sarah said…
What great pics! Looks like a fun day. I really miss the beach...that is one thing that we just don't have here. :(

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