Stitching Updates

I don't usually post so close together, but I finally got around to taking pictures of two of my WIPs and I wanted to share them. This first picture, affectionately being called "the blue blob" is the HAED that I started a week ago. I'm about half way done with stitching the first page and those stitched are tiny!! As I said in my last post yesterday, stitching over one is really not as bad as I thought it would be and, much to my surprise, I am really enjoying stitching this way. This has opened up a whole new stitching world for me!

This is by LHN and is called "Needlework Necessities". It's being worked on 28 count evenweave that I tea dyed:
You know what I love about LHN patterns? They are simple, but so pretty, and they are usually pretty quick stitches.
Does this happen to anyone else? You see a pattern and you just know in your head that it has to be stitched on a specific color? That has happened to me several times, and I am always happy with the results. This LHN was one of those patterns. I bought it and as I was looking at it I just thought in my mind that it needed to be done on fabric that was sort of antiqued. The only way I know of that I can achieve that look is tea dying.
Anyone have any plans for the 4th of July? We were invited to my cousin's for a 4th of July BBQ and I'm pretty excited about going. Hopefully the traffic won't be too terrible with people heading out to the beach. Have a great day, everyone.


tkdquintmom said…
oh WOW! Look at you and your HEAD!!! YEAH!!! (clapping over here in Michigan...) I KNEW you could do it! Are you liking it? I find that when I start working on mine...I don't want to put it down! And yes, I see a pattern and it will SCREAM to me what fabby to do it on. The Lizzie Kate Boo's were the first that I had a very hard time with.
You will love working on the HAED. Everyone does. I have the Xmas on the go and in line are the Little Girl in Red and Wisteria Moon to follow, well maybe in my 80's that is. Love the stitching over one because it makes such definition. I am happy I found your site and may pop in from time to time to see the progress. Always be in Stitches

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