The Wishing Well

It's amazing what you can make from things that you have in your home! I promised my future SIL's mom that I would make a wishing well for the bridal shower. MJ and I looked in the attic and found a large box, just sitting there, hanging out, empty. My MIL had purple and silver wrapping paper, which just happens to be the colors for the wedding, and lots of lace. The bride's mom had the foam board that we used for the top of the well, and the ribbon and pearls. So, my MIL and I spent two nights this week taking all of the things we found in our houses and made this:

I had a general idea of what I wanted it to look like, and my FIL helped us actually construct it. At first, I was starting to get a little worried. In typical man fashion, the whole thing is put together with duct tape! There was silver tape everywhere and I was concerned that we would not be unable to cover it all up. But, with a little patience, and lots of lace, pearls, and wrapping paper, it magically transformed from a box all taped together into a wishing well.

Last night was the monthly Sit and Stitch at the Lazy Daisy. It was such a nice night. All of the people that go there are to nice and we had alot of laughs. Several of the stitchers were picking up framing so it became a night of show and tell. I didn't have any framing, but I do have progress on the HAED:

I've moved onto the second page and started a panda. This projects is moving right along and I'm almost halfway done with the second page. I think that the other projects in my stitching bag are starting to get jealous because this is the only thing I've worked on since I started it. I am really surprised at how much I'm enjoying it because I was so concerned about the whole "over 1" thing, and I'm just going with it.
Our summer vacation is moving right along, as well. M starts his summer music program next week and then after that, it's science camp. Z is just hanging at home with me. We've been taking lots of bicycle rides down to Gram's house and spending lots of time playing with Grandpa on the airplane computer game. It's so easy when you're young.


tkdquintmom said…
Duct tape? rotf.....the answer to all male questions....omg I can't believe how far you've gotten on your HEAD already! You are putting me to shame woman! It is looking fantastic! I picked mine up again last night and have been cruising a little on it...getting tired of the reds. lol
Pam! Y our HAED is coming along just great! It really looks good and I can't BELIEVE how much you have done. Looking forward to seeing the panda! YGG!

Awesome job on the wishing well. All you need in your emergency repair kit are two things really - if it's supposed to move and it won't, WD-40! If it moves and it shouldn't - Duct Tape!
You had time to help with the wishing well and start the second page? Where do you apply for the extra hours in a day???Sign me up. awsome, sounds like I'm not the only one with the OOTDS, maybe just another strain of the
Sarah said…
The wishing well looks wonderful...nice job!
Kathy said…
Hi Pam!
I found your blog too.
The wishing well is awesome. Fantastic job.
As for your HAED Panda, I expect to see page three done by the next sit and stitch.

PS. Did you find Diana's blog?

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