A Different Type of Finishing

Wow! Two posts in one week. I must have alot to say right now.

I had my Petite Sampler sitting in the craft closet because I was not sure how I wanted to finish it. I didn't want to take it to get it framed because I didn't want to spend alot of money on framing right now. So, I went to Michael's and walked around, hoping for some type of inspiration.

I thought that if I could find a frame that I liked, I would try to frame it myself. Well, that didn't work out. Nothing that they had really caught my eye. When I looked in the woodworking section I found pieces of unfinished wood, like what you would paint some kind of sign on. I bought that and took it home. The next day, I looked around for some kind of spray paint for the wood. I was thinking gray or silver. I found something by Krylon called Make It Stone. It's spray paint that gives whatever you're painting a textured, stone like look and feel. I bought that, too. (I got that in Sears Hardware, but I know I've seen it in AC Moore as well.)

So, I got busy spray painting, cutting, and wrapping the stitched piece around the foam framing board that I bought. I painted the wood with about five or six coats of the paint so that wood would not show through. Plus, it was rather humid here so it took the paint a little longer to dry.

The end result is:

I know it's not perfect. The sides of the foam were not cut perfectly straight (that's what happens when I'm left along to do the cutting), but I thought the combination of the shades of purple and the gray "stone" look of the base were great. What do you all think?


Kathy said…
I think it looks great!

Love the fabric color and it goes really well with the paint. I also like your idea of it on the wood plaque. A really nice alternative to framing.
LoriRay said…
I am impressed with your creativity and color combinations! I think the whole thing looks great! :)

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