Get Together At the LNS

Yesterday was such a great day! A group of women from one of the message boards that I belong to all got together at Lazy Daisy and spent the whole afternoon stitching, talking, laughing, shopping. It was so much fun. Linda came all the way in from Arizona, Angela came from Indiana, and Carly was from Ohio. There were six of us all together (Sheri, Michelle, and I are all from the local area) and it so nice to spend the day together with people that I've "met" on line. It's amazing, because even thought we've never met physically, we all know about each other and our families, so it's really like a gathering of old friends who haven't seen each other.

I bought this at Lazy Daisy yesterday. I think Linda bought one, too, but in another color. Anyone want to guess what it is? Hmm?? Any guesses:
It's a scissor box!
The top and the bottom of the box are magnetized to hold your scissors. The outside is leather and they came in lots of fun colors like purple, green, pink, and blue. I have two pairs of scissors and I never had anyplace to put them, so when I saw this at the shop I knew a purple one was going to be coming home with me.
I have some stitching update pictures, too! I was working on Mickey and Minnie at the shop yesterday. Somehow this managed to find it's way to the bottom of my stitching bag. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I thought that it was time for it see the light of day again. Minnie finally has a finished head and is now starting to have her famous red and white dress.

Here is my personalized sampler. As I said in my last post, page 11 is finished and I've moved on to page 12. I really love that border that I chose. When it's finished being stitched it looks great, but stitching it is alot harder that I ever thought it would be. I've frogged more of that border that anything else in the whole sampler! The more I work on this project the more beautiful I think it is.

It's supposed to be a cool and rainy day here for most of today. At least Mother Nature is supposed to give us a little warmth this week. We have had such a cold and rainy spring and I am looking forward to warm weather where I can take a book and sit on the porch for a while. I keep telling myself that the warm weather is coming soon. I'm still waiting, though.


tkdquintmom said…
It's so nice to get together with people who share the same passion that you do, isn't it? I wished we lived closer! :-)
doris said…
Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Your sampler is gorgeous.

Thanks so much for your good idea about stitching at the hospital. As it happens, we took Mom's stitching to the hospital on the second day she was there. So far, she's not too motivated, but we'll hope for better times.
Sarah said…
You are making a lot of progress on your projects! Sounds like you had an awesome day and your scissor case is too cute!
Wendy said…
Nice progress on your stitching! I love the disney one too! I have 2 of those kits and I'm planning to buy some more this summer when we go to Florida.
Suzanne said…
You have 2 pair of scissors? You poor deprived child! I can't remember when I only had 2 pair. I'm glad you had a fun day with your buddies! Mickey and Minnie are looking good!

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