Hand Dyed Fabrics

Natahsa (http://craftyt.blogspot.com/) saw my BBD sampler and wanted to know where the fabric came from. It was fabric that I had dyed myself and she liked it so much that she bought a piece from me. Several people who follow her blog said that they would like to look to see what fabric I had, so I thought that if anyone was looking I would post the link to the Photobucket album:


If anyone has any questions, or is interested in purchasing anything, you can e-mail me at summerbreezefabrics@msn.com. I also take Paypal.

I've gotten some stitching done on Mickey and Minnie and the sun that they are looking at is almost done. I also picked up some finishes from the LNS that I have to take pictures of and post as well. Also, anyone remember the angel that I made for Aunt J? The one that came from her stash that she gave to me? She was here over Memorial Day Weekend and I gave it to her and she was so happy that I finished it for her. She said she was going to find a place to hang her where everyone will be able to see her. I was glad that I did it for her and that she was so pleased with it. She would not let me take a picture of her with it, but there was a very big smile on her face when she opened it. That was a nice way to end the weekend.

It's raining really hard here right now. I'm hoping that it lets up a bit. At least it gets me out of having to water the flowers! M's last baseball game is tomorrow morning and then Z has his gymnastic exposition tomorrow night. In a way I'm kind of glad that baseball is just about over. M really likes to play, but three game a week was really starting to wear on everyone. I know summer is coming and I'm looking forward to lazy days and quiet nights.

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend. Can you believe that Monday is June 1? That year is almost half over and it's just flying by! I'd better get some stitching done!


tkdquintmom said…
Uh oh Pam...your Carribean fabby would look REALLY good for two Mirabilia that I want to do....uh oh....
WildcatGrrl said…
Oh, I had to look, didn't I? Your fabrics are beautiful!
Gabi said…
Your fabrics are looking fantastic.

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