Petites Lettres Purple

Well, as I said in my last post, I don't know the French word for purple so my title is two thirds French and one third English. I'm sure there are purists everywhere who would not be pleased, but it's the best I could do right now. I finished my sampler last night and I was pleased with it:

Purple is one of my favorite colors. It's funny, though. When I picked the DMC threads out of my boxes they looked blue, and I thought that blue would look nice on the fabric, but as I stitched, I realized that they were really shades of purple.

Of course, after I completely finished it I thought of all different colors that probably would have worked better on the fabric. Live and learn, I guess,

I'm beginning to think that I need to build an ark. We've had about a half a day of sunshine in the last week and I'm starting to keep watch for the flood. Anyone want to join us on the ark? I will make a soundproof game room for the kids and there will be a great room for stitching. Lots of light (if the sun ever comes back, that is) and plenty of comfy chairs. Bring your stash, because we may be on board for a while!

Also, in case I don't get back to blog land before Sunday, I want to wish all of the moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day. I hope it relaxing, and joyful, and spent with the ones that you love. Have a great day!


tkdquintmom said…
Happy Mother's Day to you as well! It's a national holiday in my household. *snicker snicker* I love the blues....I mean purples that you have! Pretty!
Your finish is very pretty, Pam! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!
Hi Pam, thx for visiting my blog and asking about enchilada recipe. I couldn't reply to your gmail.

Gave me a chance to visit your blog~back to looking around:)

Here's recipe link:

Pam, I've enjoyed peeking at your blog. Your purple sampler is lovely and refreshing. Yes~'tis funny how floss colors can change when laid against different fabbys!

Have a great stitchy day:)

Suzanne said…
That is so pretty!

We need an ark here too. I have 2 dogs of each gender...does that count as bringing them 2 by 2?! LOL
Anonymous said…
your BBD finish is lovely, and your fabric ic gorgeous. My favourite colour is purple so I really do love this piece :)

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