That Darn Frog!

After a very buys weekend with very little stitching, everyone is back to work/school, and I have the house to myself. It's quiet. I don't feel like cleaning, so I sit down in my comfy chair to watch something the I recorded on the DVR, and work on my personalized sampler. I finished the letters on page 11, so that leaves the Celtic knot border to work on.

I'm sitting there for two hours, happily stitching, which is a feat in and of itself because my mojo still has not returned, so that fact that I wanted to sit there with a needle in my hand was cause for a happy dance from me. I look at what I've stitched and I'm comparing it to what page 11 says it should look like. Umm...wait a minute. This is not lining up the right way. The motif, which is a cross, that is closest to the border is not in the right place. I'm thinking, well, maybe I didn't placed the cross correctly. I count to see where the cross should be. No, that's not the problem. The cross is in the right place. I'm looking and then, all of a sudden, I realize my mistake. I did the whole section of the border wrong. I left a section out, and that is why it's not lining up. Two hours of stitching, wasted!

Talk about a mojo killer.


Melanie said…
So sorry about that frog! There is just about nothing more frustrating than misstitching!!! Hope you can correct the situation soon!
Sarah said…
That just stinks. :( Hope you got it all fixed. :)
Oh, Pam! You know I feel your pain...... the frog has visited me a lot lately. Next time he comes round, kick him to the curb, and hard!!!!
tkdquintmom said…
Pam I hear him from here! :h Hello my Baby, Hello my Darling, Hello my rag time gal!...*ugh* kick him out...actually send him flying out the door.
Anonymous said…
Sorry you had a visit from the frog

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